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Full Version: GAME 541 - 5 Player Cut Throat 2
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Great RD
I see you with 2 separate brigades on my village in Runnimede. Are you again just summering there or are your intentions to build a vacation home. You have claimed Arcania as your 2nd region, yet you have 2 separate brigade sized groups out of bounds. Please return them to Arcania immediately, or the simple SO may just sit and rest at NN for the remainder of the game. Oh, yes a P5 SO wizard can use the SD spell quit well, and say 2 RD brigades happen to meet 2 P5 SO wizards in say 2 SO brigades. You get my drift here!!
To the Underworld King. We did not receive an answer to our offer from RD in regards to E Steppe or Arcania so i must assume he intends to try for control of both of those regions as well as his current Tlk Mtns and his first claimed region of Runnimede which is concerning. Since i have no guarantee that there are anymore unclaimed PC in E steppe we must target S Sands as our 2nd goal. I suggest your emmisaries try for N Mists or Runnimede if it is available. Have not heard from the Elf this season.

Perhaps our communication was garbled. We are withdrawing our Duke from Gundibar and will cede Eastern Steppes to you. We are content with control of our 4 PCs. The rest are yours.

OOC: Sorry folks, traveling for work and it's tough to fit Alamaze in but I'm sitting here doing my turn at 11PM Smile
Thank you for the confirmation. Godspeed.
(03-02-2017, 04:27 AM)Thunderb0lt Wrote: [ -> ]Thank you for the confirmation. Godspeed.

I don't think the red dragon ever specified Runnymede as his first territory. In any case he has ceded Eastern steps so I will continue to move into Southern sands
Hmm, i think i was mislead by this. But FYI, i have city and other PC's in S sands Underworld King.


Dear Kingdoms of Alamaze,

Only 3 of the 5 great Kingdoms have communicated thus far. I hope all is well with our Elven and Sorcerous neighbors.

I have not received the final missives from my Liege but as nobody has taken up the proposed Hugh Council issue we will proceed as per normal rules unless more discussion is forthcoming.

From the great Mountains of Runnimede I wish you well,

I believe my prior missive was never delivered. (Damn phone). My King requests that some of our citizens travel to and from our Regions. For this next season you may see some in one of your locations. I give you our word they shall not speak or interact with your population. Also, Zarathon awaits your emissaries at a time of your choosing we have left it to the Humans.


Your prior missive was an attempt to rally the other kingdoms against both RD and DA. You never apologized for your threat and then follow it up with another threat. Why do you insist on insulting my Liege? We wish no ill will toward any but will not allow continued insults. You are most welcome to visit the Fires of the Void and introduce yourself to Marshall Benefix and explain "your drift" to him personally. I truly wonder at the source if your continued hostility. My Liege is not the equivalent of the great Imperial Tark. Unlike our ancestor we are new to the world of Alamaze.


As a.dispersed kingdom we started spread across many areas. My own home is a small village in Runnimede but we chose to move our citizens to focus nearer to our other holdings. I hope this clears any confusion. As previously stated we are content with the 4 PCs in the Steppes and are pulling all resources both military and political out this season to refocus on the Human controlled areas in the Talking Mountains.
I am accused of threats, yet the RD controls the talking Mountains, claims Arcania as his economic balancing kingdom, and also claims to have his home in Runnymede. I may be slow on the uptake here, but it is clear to me who the main threat is. If others can not see, then I guess I must be the first to cry foul! This is a game of strategy, and this forum is but 1 part of that, limited though it may be. The game will play out as it will.
Communication rules... since they were broken above how shall we proceed?
Since this is a game for newer players I suggest we let it go this time but everyone will need to be careful to restrict our communication to the established turns.
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