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Greetings to the proud rulers of the Kingdoms of Alamaze.  I Calidor, represent His Benevolence, the mighty King of the Red Dragons.   As you know, His Eminence has just recently assumed the throne.  In his endless wisdom, he has asked me to reach out to each of you and give assurances that our policies are non-expansionist into any of your traditional homelands.  He believes that with 10 regions and a mere 5 Kingdoms, there is plenty of land to go around!  

Know this, Our Word Is Our Bond.  Even our historical enemies can speak to this.   We shall never be the first to break trust, but should someone do so, we shall be relentless in our pursuit of justice, to the very last hatchling.  At this time we are open to all proposals of how to align our interests.

As our communication is limited, we only have a short time to speak before the curtains are drawn for another 3 seasons.  I have much more to say and will soon expand upon this message as I open the latest missives from my Liege.
Turn 1 results in , let the Kingdoms ring in on matters of importance. The Darkelven request that High Council matters be brought up in a shared manner so that by turn 10 all kingdoms will have had 2 proposals issued. This is a fair distribution of considerations for the HC ruling body and an abuse of this request will be met with a Nay from the DA. We also request that the HC positions not be used to diplomatically war on each other until turn 11. ( Such as condemn or denigrate). We also ask that our PC's you discover in your region(s) of operations not be attacked. We are open to providing a PC in our region(s) to accomodate any slight or missing resources you seek compensation for. Any movement of emissaries or groups into any PC's or region that we have substantial + influence will be considered an act of war unless the offending Kingdom removes them the following turn as an acceptance to the status quo. Any use of Sleep or hostile spells  or any covert activities conducted against our emissaries/agents/groups/PC's or any other resource in our control will also be considered an act of war. Any further communication in this forum on turn 4+ can be used to coordinate against the current top threat . We welcome friends who cannot be allies with this game setup who are willing to focus on a shared enemy. If the DA kingdom comes to any agreements with another kingdom we will honor that agreement until the designated end of said agreement. 
Reading this makes me think it will be fun to play in a game with Thunderbot. I would love to use some covert/undetected actions to start an unprovoked war Smile
Wink Im sure we will have that opportunity some time this spring. Leave a slot open. Perhaps it would be better for you if you worked WITH me rather than AGAINST me.
Greetings Imperator of the DarkElves,

I shall let our fellow Kingdoms speak to your proposals. Regarding the High Council, My Liege has paid a large sum of precious gold to secure the 1st spot on the Council due to the advantage it lends. We do not dismiss your request out of hand however. In the interest of goodwill and harmony we would be open to your proposal if we were compensated the 23000 gold we spent. As you of course know, this precious gold could have been spent improving various facets of our Kingdom. Instead we made a sacrifice (in gold AND in orders) to secure this spot while other kingdoms invested in troops, wizards, emissaries and agents. Regarding the High Council vote, should we agree to compensation and pursue your suggestion we will of course abide by the 2 in 10 rules as well as those regarding Denigration and Condemnation. Should no compensation be agreed to (or not delivered as agreed), then obviously we would not be bound to such rules. We would also consider any NO vote to be tantamount to a personal insult to my most magnanimous Liege.

We are also most happy to comply with your request related to population centers, under the provision that you reveal those locations. Should we encounter any "hidden" locations in our lands, we of course must assume less than honorable intentions. As stated earlier, Or Word Is Our Bond and we do solemnly swear not to attack any locations in our lands so long as they are declared (and you allow us a similar token holding in your own lands). Similarly, you would need to advise us of those lands (regions) you claim in order to avoid any misunderstandings. Our spies are very skilled but even they cannot always tell me where you may have substantial influence.

I have of course passed your full notice on to our King and shall respond further once he makes his desires clear to me.
The Underworld king extends his greetings to his fellow monarchs.

I trust that all is going well as we work to solidify influence in our respective regions. As the Underworld has traditionally been a dispersed kingdom, at this time we would like to announce our claim on the often shunned region of Amberland. We pledge not to molest any currently owned population centers in the region. There is no need to disclose their location. If they are flying foreign flags they will be allowed to coexist in our chosen region. In return we expect that our own population centers scattered around the known world will remain under our banner. Amberland represents the center of the web of the known world and therefore a fitting spot for the spymaster kingdom to establish itself.

Know that the Underworld freely extends the hand of friendship to all other kingdoms. There is no need to earn our respect, it is freely given. The Underworld can be a helpful ally or a troublesome foe. We welcome any requests for assistance or information from our fellow monarchs.

As a reminder, the Underworld possesses the pre-eminent covert army in the land. However, all kingdoms have agents and if something turns up missing one should not automatically blame us. Unless of course your kingdom has taken a village or attempted to deliberately thwart us in some way. Then you may well assume that your missing items, emissaries, or wizards are lingering in our dungeons.

To the sorceror king - your governor is welcome to visit Avalon. He has been given immunity from our agents in the area. I trust that he has no intention of advising the populace against us. An early war between our kingdoms could only benefit your neighbors to the North and South.
Dear Kingdoms of Alamaze,

Only 3 of the 5 great Kingdoms have communicated thus far. I hope all is well with our Elven and Sorcerous neighbors.

I have not received the final missives from my Liege but as nobody has taken up the proposed Hugh Council issue we will proceed as per normal rules unless more discussion is forthcoming.

From the great Mountains of Runnimede I wish you well,
Still waiting for a response to my request for the chivalry gold from original game creation thread. Do kingdoms normally start with 40k food and 40k gold? Did i receive it but not recognize it? Regarding the Red Dragon, your bid for HC is your choice and you made it without expectation of compensation for it. Regardless, the value of 2 of your increase Influence orders will exceed your investment. As for me beginning with PC not in my pursued region does not necessarily imply that the DA is obligated to provide similar PC to anyone as we all were provided with similar PC's in various regions. I just ask that in your pursuit of your region that you not target my PC for that purpose as it is insignificant and unnecessary for that reason. And since your kingdom, RD, is dispersed i have no idea where you are or what your desired region is although we suspect it is Runnimede based on your latest missive and im sure Talking Mtns may be your 2nd priority. Should that be the case then we have no issues regarding placement of starting PC's. 

As for UN we greet you and respect your choice for rulership of your great kingdom in Amberland.
Normal kingdoms start 40k and 40k so if you started with 70k, you already received it. If not send support an email and UM will take care of it I believe.
Greeting all from The SO. The map is a confusion with our friend the UN being a great wild card. Where and when will he strike. I hope to hear more from all as this forum will be our best chance to jibe and enjoy the friendship of rivals in this game.
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