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Full Version: New Warlords Format, By Popular Demand
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Not to step in front of the stampede of recent change and innovation, your humble team at Alamaze has decided to accede to what seems the majority view that the Warlords format will change from five players to four players, and so from 15 kingdoms to 12 kingdoms. The RD, UN, and SO will sit this one out.

Players felt the traditional format had the Secret Society too commonly joining with the Evils, unbalancing the game. So the Secret Society have been booted out, although Gnomish diplomats secured their survival at the expense of the Underworld, whose minions were heard to be confused and mumbling, "What had happened?"

The new teams are thus:

AN, DW, RA as the Guardians of Truth
EL, GI, WA as the Order of Justice
BL, GN, WI as the Lords of Doom
DA, DE, TR as the Cult of Chaos

So, now signup for your first Warlords Of Alamaze game. Warlords games give each player control of one team of three kingdoms and have a $16 setup charge. You need to have two game slots/points available in order to command the power of Warlords. The first such game will be the new thread for Game 11.
I like the changes.
Seems like a good balance ala Epic/Titan but on a 4 player basis.
Great change. [I shall miss the UN, but understand I can't always have everything I want in this world... sigh]

Unleash the dogs of war ye mighty Warlords!
You can play the UN in 204 ThanatosSmile
You'll have to recruit more than just the UN to have a shot, Kalrex.