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Full Version: New Titan game?
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Anyone up for a new Titan game? Either the traditional format or pick-A-team?

Drop me a note at:
Did LT drop out?!
(07-03-2013, 07:57 PM)kevindusi Wrote: [ -> ]Did LT drop out?!

Hell no I didn't drop out.
But apparently Will can keep you contained enough that he can start a second game?!
(07-03-2013, 07:57 PM)kevindusi Wrote: [ -> ]Did LT drop out?!

Nope. I now have three free slots, so I want another gameBig Grin
Though Lord Thanatos and I have started another Titan game, I still have a free slot for another Titan match. Any takers?
Bueller....? Bueller....(ahem, Dusi?)
Currently beating on Kalrex.
Sure you can't handle another? After all, it shouldn't be too've consistently boasted (rightfully so) about you cleaned my clock in the past Smile
No room in the service level.
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