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News off the wire - Game #108 has been won by The Hidden Sorcerer played by The Deliverer. This is The Deliverer's second win, tying him with wins in Classic games with Wynand.

But we'd like to hear how the adventure went for all kingdoms active at the end. What did you learn? What would you do differently? How did you enjoy your kingdom? Were your allies steady?

And if you'd like to award a Reputation vote to one or more of your competitors, post here or if you prefer, to
(09-30-2013, 06:38 PM)Ry Vor Wrote: [ -> ]News off the wire - Game #108 has been won by The Hidden Sorcerer played by The Deliverer. This is The Deliverer's second win, tying him with wins in Classic games with Wynand.

But we'd like to hear how the adventure went for all kingdoms active at the end. What did you learn? What would you do different? How did you enjoy your kingdom? Were your allies steady?

And if you'd like to award a Reputation vote to one or more of your competitors, post here or if you prefer, to

For those that forgot, here are the Special Commendations players can nominate other players in their game who are active at game conclusion, for:

Recommendations for Special Commendation:
Sent in as the turn after final results - nominations. Only active positions at the end of the game can nominate.
Write-up player has to be active at game end.
Player getting 3 of these in one category gets an icon of color for category, and free setup.
And the related citizenship title.

Iron Willed: persevered beyond all expectation. Nominee must have been eliminated after T18 or be active at game end, and not have finished top 3.

Chancellor: persona selflessly dedicated time and attention to help a relatively new player as mentor. Persona doing the nomination above Commander Service must be nominating an experienced player who he knows has significantly helped a new player learn the game and introduce him to some of the nuance - name the new player persona(s) and kingdom(s) as well in the nomination.

Infamous: Persona that made the game more fun or engaging, probably including banter and encouragement, but in any manner that brought special and lasting memory of this game.

Senator is a title that goes to a persona that has made 9 nominations (so at least 3 completed games), but is not a title which is voted on.
Let's see some nominations!

I've got the Gnome for Iron Willed and the Ranger for Infamous (but in a good way!).
GN for Iron-Willed. RA for Infamous. SO for Chancellor.

EDIT: Reposting my post-game writeup here, since it looks like the more appropriate place.


So this was my first game of Alamaze in about two decades, so I was worried I would be a bit rusty. Happily, though, things came back very quickly to me, and along with some excellent advice from more experienced allies such as Kevin (SO) and Bob (DE), and friendly and helpful forum posters, I was able to come out of the gates pretty strongly. I deliberately chose the BL because out of what was left, it seemed the most appealing in terms of regional competition (or lack thereof) and flexibility.

Southern Sands fell quickly, and I also sealed an agreement with my northern RA neighbor early on, for a non-aggression pact. It wasn't clear to me how things were going to go between RA and SO, and with that in mind I wanted to make sure I paid attention to the bigger early-game threat (which was RA in my opinion), since one goal of the early game is to survive to the mid-game. Smile

I also struck up a great rapport with DE to my west, and after a quick misunderstanding (mostly due to my own inexperience with the game) was smoothed over, the DE and I had what turned out to be a game-long alliance. DE also suggested bringing SO into our alliance, and after I learned from my RA ally that he had reached an amicable resolution with SO on Synisvania, I felt comfortable making that agreement.

So at this point I was on excellent terms with DE, SO, RA. That basically left only one place to go, and that was into Runnimede. This was additionally attractive because BL starts Tolerant in Runnimede, so after checking in with DE and SO, we decided that BL/DE/SO would make a joint foray into Runnimede. This pretty much worked like a charm, GN/UN didn't seem to expect us, and between a storm of BL emissaries, an invisible SO group pulling off a 171 on Cradia, and teleporting Demon Princes shoring up areas where groups were blocking us and assisting with Demonic Denigrations, we pretty much knocked GN out of control right away.

We were able to broker a separate peace with UN, and the negotiations were particularly tight for a turn or two between me and her, but at the end of the day we sealed a deal that we kept with each other all game. So that left GN in Runnimede (more on that later), while DE was distracted by an invasion by the GI/WA alliance.

After an abortive attempt to negotiate a ceasefire, the BL/DE/SO alliance responded to the GI/WA invasion with full force, and I was able to see second-hand exactly how strong the DE Kingdom is on defense (right up there with AN, in my opinion). Between Demonic Denigrates and teleporting Demon Princes scooping up pop centers that had been taken military earlier on that same turn, Bob was able to keep control of Arcania the entire game, I believe. With some side assistance of magic, recons, and high council issues, BL/DE/SO were able to not only fend off GI/WA in Arcania, but also take the fight to them in Amberland.

This is where RA comes in, in a huge way. I'd maintained excellent relations with RA while all of this was happening, and with RA also looking for a place to expand, it didn't take a lot of encouragement for RA to invade Amberland, primarily with assistance from SO and also initially from me, although I ceded my Amberland interests to UN as part of the deal with her to cease hostilities in Runnimede.

Between 171 spells and a RA/SO emissary blitz (with a couple of BL/UN emissaries as well), GI lost control of Amberland quickly, and even after he fell back to defend Amberland, the sheer quantity of resources being brought to bear on Amberland coupled with a steady stream of high council denigrates of GI ended up being too much for GI/WA. On a side note, I really sympathize with bluefile2, the GI player, because his allies ended up missing some key turns and dropping out, which is always a frustrating position to be in.

As Amberland became more and more locked-down, each of BL/DE/SO and RA appeared to be looking to their own endgame possibilities. I moved out of Runnimede after finally taking control (this was made more difficult by SO ownership of Cradia and UN ownership of four towns, which made my margin of control very thin indeed), looking for another target, even as RA moved into Talking Mountains and DE moved into Torvale. Meanwhile, SO moved into a couple of different places, I believe regions 2 and 3, in addition to his earlier bases in 5 and 9.

At this point, I made a huge error, which is to say I moved my wizard-group to an unpopulated area so they were unable to train. This was a CRITICAL training turn, because it would have allowed me to Destroy Village on the GN village capital in the water, which would have really hampered his ability to hurt me. This set me back multiple turns, because on the next turn, my wizard-group ended up moving to a pop center that became uncontrolled on the same turn, again preventing training. Additionally, after getting the orders right the entire game up until this point, I accidentally swapped columns on high council issues for two straight turns (since I didn't understand the error message on the first turn), which meant my denigrates of the GN in region 7 didn't go through.

Around this same time, Bob (DE) suffered a setback by inadvertently missing a turn, and Jason (RA) also suffered a setback, apparently by misreading an artifact location. But I'll let Bob and Jason go more into detail on those setbacks. Regardless, I'm guessing the fact that all three other rivals (even if allies) for the possible win suffered such key setbacks contributed at least a bit to Kevin's ultimate win, well-deserved though it certainly is!

Anyway, for me, the failure to train my wizards and the two missed HC orders caused me to let DuPont (GN) out of the box, and he managed to enamor to a point where his persistent GN emissaries caused me to lose control of Runnimede. So instead of invading Northern Mists for my third region (in all honesty I briefly considered going into Synisvania as my NAP with RA was expiring, but I ended up deciding against that due to the RD groups wandering around Synisvania as wild cards, plus I decided I'd rather not go against RA since he's a formidable player), I had to return to Runnimede to put down the GN revolt.

I managed to do that successfully and take control of Runnimede again, and I was on the verge of invading Oakendell this upcoming turn with both emissaries and groups for a shot at a T23 win, but Kevin beat me to the punch. Smile I'm guessing DE and RA were also close to victory.

It was a fascinating game on a number of levels. I will probably post some post-game reflections as well, on overall game issues, but this summary writeup will probably do for right now.
So another game comes to a close. Congrats to the SO for his victory. Here is the perspective of the Gnomes as to how the game played out in the southeast corner of the map.

I started by making an alliance with the UN to split Runnimede. I also put out feelers to the DE about working together. At first he was receptive, but then told me he'd gotten drawn into another alliance, so I left it alone. I should have realized that meant he was part of a group that would be targeting me, but I was focused elsewhere. I also paid the RD off to leave the region and concentrate on my enemy, the DW. This worked out well – his destruction of the DW over the next few turns boosted my influence well above 20.

I took Cradia and then the region early on and also got on the HC. I felt fairly happy about things and started to move north into Torvale, where the AN and TR were both being quite ineffective and I landed outside the TR capital with every intention of taking it.

That was the turn my luck turned against me, though, as I faced a combined attack of the BL, SO and DE. The DE and SO conspired to sneak Cradia out from under me just as I was trying to make it my capital and the BL moved after my pop centers. I really was screwed at that point – the UN turned out to be uncommunicative and the RD was too far away. Anybody else who might have been able to help was also tied up or committed to not attack the SO/DE/BL alliance. Thrown fully on the defensive, I still had a lot of cards in my deck – my high influence and decent wizards and troops.

I lost my troops on a vain attempt to break the BL siege of my capital – I figured that since the BL troops are mediocre, I would be able to kill enough of them to do it, but I forgot that Gnomes are just that much worse – I would have lost them eventually, I'm sure, but I might have used them to cause more headaches. My goal at that point was simple – tie the BL down in Runnimede and prevent him from obtaining a victory. I had luck, both good and bad – it took me more turns than I'd hoped to get my capital safe into the sea. But I never stopped fighting, even though the BL sent some polite suggestions that I might enjoy another game more. He was slowly wearing me down, but I tied up his king for about half the game, keeping my regional reaction down and he had to keep most of his troops in the region to play whack-a-gnome as I'd flip towns and villages away from him.

It was a fun game – I had only 1 village at the end, though I was going to get the other water based town the next turn. I had hoped by keeping him nailed to my region, somebody would take advantage of his vulnerability in the Southern Sands, but nobody did. Even though the SO stole my city from me in a most nefarious way (and I'll never, ever, ever forgive him!), I was pleased to see he won. I had made a deal with him to trade for the Ring of Spells and he'd sent me a pile of gold to fund me for the next few turns in exchange. Just as well the game ended – somebody (I assume the BL) stole it in the last turn, so I wouldn't have been able to hand it over anyway! Good game to all – particularly the SO, DE and BL for such a good fight.
Quote:I had made a deal with him to trade for the Ring of Spells and he'd sent me a pile of gold to fund me for the next few turns in exchange.

Verrrrrrry interesting...
Oh, the tangled webs!
Well, I'm very glad to know it, for the future.

EDIT: To be clear, I view that as an act directly in opposition to the spirit and letter of our alliance, even though you ultimately didn't need that artifact for the win. The ironic thing is, if you had simply asked me if I minded you trading a bunch of gold to GN for the Ring of Spells so that you could claim the victory, I would have been totally fine with that.
(09-30-2013, 07:38 PM)kevindusi Wrote: [ -> ]Let's see some nominations!

I've got the Gnome for Iron Willed and the Ranger for Infamous (but in a good way!).

Thanks for those nominating.

HOWEVER, its the PERSONA that is being considered, not the kingdom. Please let everyone know who is the leader of the kingdom in the nominations. Also, it was envisioned nominators would make a bit of a case for why thy persona is nominated, rather than just list a name. Please edit your posts if you would - thanks.
Dupont for Iron Willed for sure! With an early 3v1 and then the BL on his ass the entire game, he was damn persisitent. I, for one, will think twice before picking Dupont as an enemy moving forward.

I will write up a perspective from the Demon Prince soon.
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