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Full Version: New Cycle of Magic Game?
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Well, I've now paid for the game and the bill is usually a sign of an impending setup and turn. Looking forward to working with my team to crush all of you peasants underfoot!
(06-08-2014, 04:57 AM)DuPont Wrote: [ -> ]I'll be a captain. The one thing I would really like is if a teammate drops, we have an option to replace them if we can find another player to take over the position. Even if it's after turn 6.

Well this has happened 2 days. One of my teammates has succumbed to real life needs and has dropped. I found a replacement and sent to support but we have not heard anything. Not to give away any information are the captains ok with me summiting the dropped players order until a replacement is in place? Hopefully only this turn due tomorrow.
Making an executive decision that it is ok for JF to submit for the dropped player.

We will then try to get a standby in the game the following turn.
This was exactly the type of game I was looking for...!
If needed/possible, I'd like to put my hand up for the standby position. (Signed up for a game account)
Did anyone else not receive their turn results for t22?
We got ours
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