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Full Version: New Anon game
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Not much action. Six or so requests.
We need SIX more for a completely anonymous, Steel, exploratory game. Send an Email to support, and tell them the 3 kingdoms you DO NOT want to play.
I am new and am not ready to jump into a full blown game yet. This does sound really cool to me and if it does not fill up right away, down the road I would like to join, just not yet, I am too new.
This seems to be the only game filling up right now that I can tell. Any progress?
We have 9 requests for this game as of now (Saturday morning).
3 more to go! Send in that request! Smile
We are up to 11 at of 2pm Sunday. We get another in the next couple hours and it may be set up today, otherwise likely Thursday.
This game is now filled. Don't expect setups for several days. Filling Saturday morning is one thing, filling Sunday night is another. Anyway, likely Thursday this will be created.
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