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Full Version: Looking to start up a Saturday due date game.
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Sounds fine, what is the web order entry tool though?
(08-15-2014, 07:31 PM)Thalion Wrote: [ -> ]Can we all agree on:
1. web order entry only
2. no burden on GM for reminders = game will process at any time after noon on Saturday regardless of orders in status?

Agreed, but point me to the web entry order form Smile

Shall we arrange for the draft?


(08-16-2014, 04:08 AM)Cipher Wrote: [ -> ]Http://

Need to register to use online ordering and read the attached document if you have any questions what is being verified for every order/spell. My software doesn't validate every possible criteria due to certain limitations (such as the current map that it loads doesn't have sea boundary definitions yet so orders like 748 cannot be fully verified).

Here's the official thread:

Let me know if you have any questions.
Are we ready to start the draft?
Can you guys handle this yourselves? Just let me know at support who has what kingdoms. Of course you can reach out to Lord Diamond if you wish.

I haven't gotten to any of the remaining Valhalla stuff and I absolutely need to do the 2nd Cycle change documentation.
I sent a note to LD asking if he can help. If he's busy, perhaps we can press-gang Dusi into running the draft. Smile
I am happy to help facilitate your guys draft if needed
If I don't hear from LD by tonight, I'll take you up on that, JF.
I'm equally happy to help, but since JF already volunteered I don't want to steal his thunder. That said, during work hours (I'm PST) I'm glued to a computer, so can likely turn it around pretty quickly.
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