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Full Version: Looking to start up a Saturday due date game.
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Three of the four order sets are in, the fourth player has yet to make their web user account by sending an email to support with acct#, web username, password included....
This is me! I will look into this in the am as I just got home.

Note, when I asked for Saturday due date game I meant just that.
I don't care when the turn gets run and whatnot, I just don't like to have all my order sets due in some 24 hour window. It also generally means that I get all my results back in some 24 hour hour window so then it's feast or famine.

This might be best for Rick and Co, all the games run on a particular day or whatever, with the logistics. Fine with me. I don't care, run it whenever so long as I have a bit of time to get my turn in Saturday or some day further away from WednesdaySmile

-- I will get my "web user account" created later today hopefully and orders in afterwards.

Just want to be clear that I wanted a Saturday game not to mess with anybody but to avoid having 16 order sets or some such due in a short window and then I get all the games back in the same short window, if at all possible. I don't care if I get the turn back on Mon-Tues... I don't want to ruin any weekends or cost Rick any $$ needlessly. I hope my rationale is understood...

Thanks again!
OK, I think I submitted my orders! Will get them in promptly now that I have the new turn submission thing going. I think.
I wanted to say the guinea pig game, #148 for web based order entry has worked flawlessly. Thanks again to Cipher and Uncle Mike who coordinated tirelessly on this. Game #148 just processed turn 4. That game takes Grasshopper about 5 minutes to process, granted it is a five player game, but normally even so it would take an hour. This is profoundly important to being able to scale Alamaze, if we do in fact have the potential players out there.

If you haven't tried the order checking, even though your game right now won't let you submit orders, try it. You will be very pleased what you see after you press the button for validating orders. Very nice touches by Uncle Mike.
As one of the players in 148, I can vouch that the web order entry is awesome. Borderline amazeballs. Makes things much simpler from a variety of angles. Now if only it worked like Excel where hitting enter would move down a line and to the left-most cell, it would be perfect! PERFECT! I would also like to say that UncleMike has been very quick to fix any validation issues that I've run across, which have been few and far between.

If you aren't using it yet, you should be.
Just checking, when you hit submit and it says the orders are submitted then you're good to go?
(08-27-2014, 05:48 AM)Kalrex Wrote: [ -> ]Just checking, when you hit submit and it says the orders are submitted then you're good to go?

Cool, will do this from now on.
(08-27-2014, 10:52 PM)Kalrex Wrote: [ -> ]Cool, will do this from now on.

I gather that only games 25 and 148 currently run on the online order system. All older games still use the excel format.
My other games give me the option to submit via the new way so will try it tonight.
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