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Full Version: Looking to start up a Saturday due date game.
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Or just not Wednesday/Thursday.

1) I want a game due on Saturday most ideally.

2) I don't want multiple turns per week unless they're both due on Saturday.

3) I don't want to play a Saturday due date game and then on turn 0, "One of our players can't get turns in on Saturday so we'll run this on Wednesdays".

4) I don't care what variant, just so long as it's a Saturday game.

Thanks for looking!
1 turn is fine by me... also, can be due Sat and returned Mon for all I care. Do a Warlords with people not complaining about deadlines is fine by me. Just no Wed-Thurs.
I'd do a Saturday if it's an anonymous Warlords.
Anonymous Warlords sounds good.
I'm always game for an anonymous warlords...
Looks like we just need one more - c'mon, somebody. JumpingFist? Dusi?
(08-15-2014, 06:12 PM)DuPont Wrote: [ -> ]Looks like we just need one more - c'mon, somebody. JumpingFist? Dusi?

I'd just end up accidentally beating you up and killing your wizards. Again.
I'll round out a Saturday, 1xWeek, Anonymous Warlord with draft, using the web entry tool....
Can we all agree on:
1. web order entry only
2. no burden on GM for reminders = game will process at any time after noon on Saturday regardless of orders in status?
So say we all.
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