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Full Version: Anon Warlords - online order system
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Hoping to get an anon warlords game going.

12 kingdoms, draft format
Completely anonymous - no in-game (or out-of-game) communication
Hoping to use the online order entry

Keep in mind if you are interested the changes that are coming down the pipe as that likely will impact your drafting choices.
I will play. Guessing knowing who is playing is ok. I will be sure to only use between game communications.
Betwixt game communiques are a grey area.
I have been taunted via these which seems OK. Anything more definitely gray area.
I'm in.
The opponents here are daunting, but if the fourth spot is open, I would like to take a shot.
Sounds like we have our four:

The Deliverer
Jumping Fist
Morgan Kane

I'll contact LD to see about running the draft. Again, keep in mind the upcoming changes. Likely this should be factored in. New 565s for a few kingdoms, recruits going down in costs, limited brigades for the military powers, and 170/171 changing the face of the game for most of us.
Are we agreed no in-game communication aside from taunts?
Correct. And all taunts should be directed towards Will.
That's alright. Wouldn't want Kevin's ego bruisedSmile
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