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Full Version: Next Anonymous Magic Game?
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I agree with Rick...this format has a lot of good features. Now that 144 is over (congrats to Cloud, Deliverer and Jumping Fist), I'd like to start a new sign-up thread.

Rick - you ok with that?

This will be Anonymous Cylce of Magic Game, with premade teams and kingdom drafting, random drafting order.
I would like to play.
Yeah yeah. Go for it.
I would like to play as well. Are we going to arranged team or let the powers that be create the team we just sign up?
Should people join with arranged teammates? That way you're sure not to get stuck with someone you don't work well with. On the other side that will really make the game viable for experienced and proven players only.

It would suck to get stuck with a lame partner though.
144 we drafted teams and it worked out well. Basically made the top players captains and picked teammates. Was a bit involved I think admin would do a fine job of splitting the players up. If we come preselected some rather lopsided teams are likely to form.
Well, I'll play. I had talked to a couple people about forming a team, but whatever way it goes, I'm up for it.
sign me up
I am good with either...what do we prefer? Pre-arranged teams or draft?
Let's Draft like 144 seemed to be very fair. Draft players then the next day Draft the kingdoms.

Players so far

7 spots open
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