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Full Version: Playtesters Wanted For Experimental Game
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All positions are now filled:

AN - DuPont
BL - Panda
DA - The Deliverer
DE - Acererak
DW - Rogal
EL - Hawk
GI - Beatific
GN - Stillgard
RA - WhiteWolf
RD - Pedinski
SO - Airborne Ranger
TR - The Broken
UN - Vball Michael
WA - Jhereg
WI - Jumpingfist

The Resurgent map will be used.

When Cipher sets certain things for me on the server, I'll be able to send Turn 0 files out to everyone. Good luck !!!
Well, it was never stated conclusively, but I assume this is full diplomacy.........
(11-05-2014, 05:56 PM)Beatific Wrote: [ -> ]Well, it was never stated conclusively, but I assume this is full diplomacy.........

Since this is a special game to check for bugs, it may be a good idea to do what was mentioned earlier: Not full diplomacy but partial as in forum only communique so I don't get a ton of notices of the same problem.
Also, you may win this game via the new Secret Victory Condition or by Rex.

I may not have the new SVC rules written before turn 1 (since I just got notice of them today) but I'll post a notice on the forum when the program is ready to accept your SVC custom order even though it may be well past turn 1.
SVC custom order? Picking it like we do ESO? Wow, better read up on that....
RD please
Sorry to say but this game is now cancelled.

The reason is due to Rick requiring me to sign a 3-year non-compete form that I'm unable due to my computer business. I was willing to sign a non-disclosure agreement (to protect his rights) but I cannot sign a non-compete which limits my computer business transactions.

Too bad Rick wasn't willing to move forward because we were one day away from having an automated version of the game available for everyone.
The Alamaze comunity is the one that suffers here. UncleMike clearly was a master programmer. It is a shame to see him go. I can not blame either side for protecting their interests, it is just a blow to us all who were looking forward to some of these changes and the speed UncleMike could execute them.
Sad Panda is sad.
If you were to only be judged by your order entry device, then Alamaze owes you a hefty thank you. It has made my life so much easier, and I assume that it helps Grasshopper and Cipher a lot as well.

Go into that great unknown, live long, and prosper.
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