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Full Version: Seeking new game
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Ignore please....sorted Smile
Anyone interested in signing up for a primeval game 5 players?
I just had one game in. Lets start up another game
I think we're just waiting on Ry Vor to make the call on the next new game format... and I certainly don't want to step on his toes on making that call. Smile

I've read some interest in an anonymous game, and I've floated the idea of a ten-person variant in another thread, but I'm guessing it may not be worth the setup and programming time.

Ry Vor has also suggested another full diplomacy game with 15 players, which will take a bit longer to fill (particularly as some folks only play anonymous).
No anonymous for me. If i could trust that everyone would play it like its intended then I would. But when 2 players declare each other allies on turn 1. That's not anonymous. That's 2 friends getting in a game working together.

Am I the only person that think players do/would do that?

Could just be that I don't trust people hmmm
It hasn't been a problem, honestly. And when an alliance is declared like that, it just signals a desire not to fight, there still isn't coordination. Plus there can be backstabbing, so the "Ally" you declare could just say, thank you very much for the regional reaction level bump and the ability to slip past your groups... all your base are belong to us!
I've posted on this before, but once again, proud of our player base for no rules violations in any format.  If it seems improbable to newer players, first, it is a small, tight community of players, second it is likely pretty much all mature, responsible adults who value their reputation, third, I think learning Alamaze takes a certain personality type that is probably pretty honor-centric among other qualities (like being intelligent), and fourth, all the threads on how virtually no players tolerate a perceived NAP violation subject to interpretation, let alone outright misdeeds.

I am still not a fan of anonymous for other reasons (like the obvious lack of communication and so lack of posting on the forum and that some kingdoms are more heavily dependent on diplomacy), but I'm no longer concerned about the potential for cheating.  A player that cheated would be outed and that would be the end of Alamaze for them.  (Also, the main intent of the new first page results was to remind players the format restrictions in any game.)  But I'm also not a fan of the "game long NAP" so personally am in some middle ground like the Independence concept we started in Game #173, which relies even more on players to honor the rules than in anonymous.

On a different subject, my thoughts go out to Blue Golem who is recovering from major heart surgery, and to Helix, who is ill with an undisclosed illness.  Hope he and she both recover quickly.
Couldn't have said it better myself on the anonymous games. Totally agree.

And yes, best wishes and prayers to Blue Golem and Helix!