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301 - Forum Diplomacy Only Steel SVC

Lady Steelhawk,

Greetings, I am Grundun, and I come to you on behalf of the King Under the Mountain, Darin III. We congratulate you on your succession to the throne! As a canny ruler, my hope is that you will heed the words of your more distant neighbor on a matter of specific expertise.

You see, we Dwarves have often been accused of greed, so much so that we are intimately familiar with the subject. Indeed, my own relatives have penned multiple volumes on the concept, from "Greed is Good" by Gordon Goldko, to "Modern Robbery Via Vertical Integration" by Jonathan Rockfellow, to "The Art of the Deal" by Trump Hornblower.

And yet even we would, at a bare minimum, blush beneath our beards at the very notion of claiming at the very outset significantly more than one region, while fully half of your peers are struggling with figuring out how to split regions.

The Tremendous Majesty and my liege are still finalizing details, but if your desire is to alienate both of us and push us together, then I urge you to continue on your present pathway. If, however, you wish to come to some semblance of a positive working relationship, I urge you to reconsider and moderate your requests.

You are a free woman and obviously able to proceed as you see fit, just as we will. My hope is for peace.

Grundun, Chief Diplomat for the Dwarves

RA -> DW

Hail and Well Met, Grundun of the Dwarves Under the Mountain.  You misunderstand.  I did not claim a 2nd region.  Simply the border PCs of the Eastern Steppes near my own lands in Synisvania.  Others may claim both the city of Gundibar (though I will send a warded emissary there to maintain the status quo until an accord is ratified by all concerned parties) and the remaining PCs.  If one is able to gain regional control, so be it.  If the Eastern Steppes remain uncontrolled, that too is fine.  To be honest, it is not "Dwarven" greed that concerns me in the Eastern Steppes but the great fire beasts you barter with that have been known to employ "scorched earth" tactics much to the horror of all.  I'm open to exchanging food for gold with you when the harsh winters come to your lands as well as a NAP or even a formal alliance between our people, though your rush to push the fire beasts on to my borders has not gone unnoticed and is of great concern.  I would think you have far bigger fish to fry with the WitchKing growing in power to your west.  Allowing them to grow unchecked will present a far larger threat to your precious mountains than a few PC disputes in the decayed lands of the deceased Drow.

Lady SteelHawk, Snow Queen of the Rangers

On Behalf of His Tremendous Majesty, Loman Firebreath:
Now listen, you arrogant crone! We are aware you have a village in the Eastern Steppes. Such a puny holding does not concern us at present. But you have a whole region to yourself since the mysterious Sorcerer has chosen to retire to his tower and contemplate magic by himself. If you think you will be allowed to expand further into the Eastern Steppes without challenge, you are sadly mistaken! Unless you wish to see fire on the walls of Jukunta, you will drop this ridiculous demand at once. We will not negotiate with you over this. We will agree to leave your rude village alone and offer you a NAP until turn 10. You will stay out of OUR region! If you do not agree to this, you will BURN, BURN, BURN!

On Behalf of His Tremendous Magesty, Loman Firebreath:
To The Sturdy Grundun of the Dwarves
We have reviewed your counter-proposal. We accept most of it with agreement with the exception of the status of our village in the Mountains. Might we point out that with the Sorcerer hidden in his tower, you have an extra town for the taking? Our hordes are hungry and we have offered up a village to the equally hungry giants. We agree to delay the taking of Hammerhold until after the winter. Furthermore, we would like to offer you a stronger alliance. We are equal parts amused and affronted by the arrogance of the crone to the south of us. Should the old juiceless hag insist on her foolish course, we would invite you to the Ranger Roast. The Snow Queen will melt like butter if she chooses to oppose Us.

Eternal Eye, we salute your wisdom in agreeing to leave our village alone. We are happy to give you an idea of where it is; who would be so foolish to dare and try to take it from us? Surely they know that the price would be blood. Sail the Sea of Terror all the way to the north and then navigate the ice flows of the Migoi Arm all the way to the east. There, underneath the mountain, our holding lays. None may come uninvited unless they wish to become dinner.


Tremendous Majesty,

Though my traditionalists grumble like wood dragging on wood, we are agreed with you on the earlier five points I proposed, except for the point about the village, which we reluctantly withdraw.

The only thing I would request instead is that if I can either secure the rights to a different nearby village for you, or render some significant service to you that you deem to be sufficiently worthy, you would be willing to trade that village to me.

We also agree to work with you if the Ranger Queen persists in being unreasonable, although we hold out hope that she would not.

In Friendship,
Grundun, Chief Diplomat for the Dwarves


Dread Lord,

With the securing of an agreement between the Red Dragons and ourselves, we would be thrilled to exchange villages with you. Let me ask my cartographers for the coordinates, and I will come back to you soon with that information, and you can reply at your own convenience.



Our village es located in the lower portion of your hidden oasis.


We have taken your request to council. Killing the others wizards would do irreparable damage to both of us. We agree with your wisdom in THIS matter.

Red Magus (w/the Many Hats)


Let's begin with peace between our kingdoms; warring at the dawn of this new age serves neither of our interests and only invites the birds of death to circle the skies waiting to pick our carcasses clean. As the DW King (in his OCC) suggested, ahead of our second dispatched emissary arriving at your court (we found the first dead drunk in an ally; he's being 'dealt' with), we would be open to allowing you overall control of these lands, but we must insist on the island city and a few other towns and villages on the western plains and waters of Amberland, in order to support our people.

We await your response, O Mighty King.

Red Magus (w/the Many Hats)

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