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301 - Forum Diplomacy Only Steel SVC

O' Wise Ones, we wish to open a dialogue to prevent any misunderstandings. We may find ourselves bordering one another's lands and wish no ill will towards you or your people. We would like to suggest a ten month peace between our kingdoms. Let us know if this is agreeable to you and we can leave it open to re-negotiate as the peace agreement winds down.

Red Magus (w/the Many Hats)

(12-05-2015, 05:27 AM)DuPont Wrote: RE-RA
On Behalf of His Tremendous Majesty, Loman Firebreath:
Now listen, you arrogant crone! We are aware you have a village in the Eastern Steppes. Such a puny holding does not concern us at present. But you have a whole region to yourself since the mysterious Sorcerer has chosen to retire to his tower and contemplate magic by himself. If you think you will be allowed to expand further into the Eastern Steppes without challenge, you are sadly mistaken! Unless you wish to see fire on the walls of Jukunta, you will drop this ridiculous demand at once. We will not negotiate with you over this. We will agree to leave your rude village alone and offer you a NAP until turn 10. You will stay out of OUR region! If you do not agree to this, you will BURN, BURN, BURN!

RA -> RD

Lord Firebreath,
  I have always thought of dragons as eloquent creatures, magnificent and stunning to behold, in both power and sheer size. The grace and cunning of your race is truly breath-taking to experience whether in battle or at the halls of diplomacy.  But you do your race a great disservice this day resorting to name-calling and bullying; were you taught no manners by your elders, have you no shame in your blatant disregard for the respect of others? If you must resort to insults and threats of wanton destruction so quickly in matters of diplomacy it would seem that you clearly desire war and that your lust for more, more, more will not stop with the Talking Mountains or Runnimede, or the Eastern Steppes as evidenced by the fact that you have military groups in not just the Talking Mountains but also Runnimede and now you wish to put military groups into a THIRD region and you are threatening to bring fire to a FOURTH region.  
 I'm sure we could have discussed the Eastern Steppes in a fair and rationale manner and reached some form of mutual consensus.  You have no more or less claim to the Drow lands than anyone else. But I have no time for individuals with your ashamed, brutish, and insulting manner.
  When you return to reason and wish to apologize for your crude and rash prattle in the manners concerning the protocol of Kings and Queens we may speak again.  Until then, I have nothing else to say to you and you and I will enter the Eastern Steppes at our own peril.  Bring your fire if you will, I will bring my steel.

Lady SteelHawk, Snow Queen of the Rangers
"Met with Steel"


The Desert King strolled contentedly from the splendid Harem Halls as his mind focused more intently on his innermost thoughts.  His musings caused him to sigh and shake his head in slowly mounting frustration. His senior commander joined him, "MiLord we have received communication from the dwarven halls, the ranger lands, and (only briefly - through a clouded scrying bowl) the Lord of the Endless Host.  The shorter-lived peoples cannot truly appreciate how their decisions today will affect the future good of all races.  Most are blinded by their fear of the Scarlet Wyrm.  After so many thousands of years it shouldn't surprise me that fear is the dominant emotion of the other races; but why cannot they master their fear and avoid the ignoble plight of the darkelves?  I have confirmed that the Scarlet Wyrm destroyed the darkelves while the rest of the land was unaware that dragons were anything other than legends.  And now it is clear the Scarlet Wyrm intends to foment strife and discord so that he may eradicate even more peoples."

The Desert King stopped and gripped his commander's shoulders, "Since that bastard cousin of mine - I swear his was begotten from a goat - first learned to mewl he has approached every obstacle the same; he bellows and commands then he kills and eats.  The next time he utilizes his mind will clearly be the first.  Tell me what you have heard from the other leaders in the land and how their shortsighted fear of my cousin has affected them."

"The cowering gnome creatures capitulated so quickly to your cousin's demands that subservience must be the only genetic trait in-bred into that race.  They shall ship food to your cousin as quickly as it can be assembled.  Do those fools not realize that dragons eat gnomes?  Your eldest nephew-son travelled personally to the Dwarven Hall where he learned that the dwarves were interested in your offer of friendship but only if their obeisance to your cousin was spurned.  The dwarves have already begun clearing out Hammerhold so they may trade their ancestral home and their pride for mere promises of peace.  The dwarves were once, in ages past,  envied for their bargaining prowess. I wonder whether banishment from their glorious stronghold will fortify their blood or further dilute it?"

The commander and his king continued their conversation and their stroll towards the enclosed oasis at the center of their desert stronghold. A steely smile stole over the countenance of Ahzek the Iron-Willed as he next spoke. "You were right, MiLord.  The pure-born men possess steel in their spine and wisdom in their hearts.  The lass who leads them is capable of looking beyond short-term appeasement and has informed all the rulers of the land that she will not sit idly by while the Scarlet Wyrm grows in strength.  She has also affirmatively accepted your overture of peace and has publicly pledged 15 months of alliance with us.  She also had demanded that the Scarlet Wyrm not rule any holdings in the north of the Synisvania forest or the Sea of Drowning.  She has rightly anticipated that your simple-minded cousin will seek to expand his territory as quickly as the Eastern Steppes can be brought to heel."

The Desert King paused to gaze into the pool of water.  His noble features and regal bearing were reflected from the calm, pure, live-sustaining liquid. "So the dwarves have proffered much of their ancestral wealth to fuel the growth of my bastard cousin's mages and agents while the gnomes starve their children to feed the expansion of that bastard's military?  All of this without him having to even pause in his eradication of the dark elves?  Can these younger races not imagine the death and destruction that will result from well-fed and wealthy dragons?  Prepare the following correspondence immediately."

Greetings Lady Steelhawk, Snow Queen of the Rangers

It gladdens my heart to learn of your ascension to the throne as well as your wisdom in dealing with the threat from the North.  I confirm your 15 month alliance and anticipate that we will extend that timeframe eventually. I also mutually pledge the strength of my kingdom to defend you and yours from any who might seek by strength of arms to impose conquest.  It is good that you have been forthright in your declaration that you shall briefly have two legions within my realm.  As you intend to lessen the wealth of my kingdom by retrieving two ancient artifacts I would ask for the following two boons in exchange: first, please inform me in advance the path your groups will travel and the location of any popcenters they discover; second, please provide the location of your safehold in my land and agree that this town will be provided to the UN should he elect to accept my offer of a town within my kingdom.  I seek to support all those who will defy the demands of the Scarlet Wyrm and hope that the UN possesses greater cleverness than does the gnome.  Good fortune to you and yours My Lady!

Greetings King Loriendalis of the High Elves of the Golden Woods,

Yours is a kingdom which may remember the Age of Dragons, when my race ruled the land and sky with vengeance and arrogance.  In the thousands of years following the grand agreement known as the Withdrawal of Dragons I and many of my brethern have learned the varied and impressive benefits of peace and cooperation.  While my bastard cousin, the Scarlet Wyrm, has neither the intellect nor the nobility of character to understand the benefits of long-lasting peace I assure you that me and mine shall not readily forsake the enlightenment and prosperity our grand agreement has achieved!

Are you interested in entering into further agreement between the Golden Woods and the Great Desert?  I propose for your consideration that our peoples craft eternal peace [game-long NAP] and commerce [mutual declaration of alliance and gifts of 40,000 food to you every winter month with you gifting 40,000 food to me every summer month]. I await your reply mighty King Loriendalis.

King Under the Mountain, Darin III

It appears great lord that your Chief Diplomat has been stammering or stuttering. It cannot possibly be true that you make plans to abandon Hammerhold so that my filthy bastard cousin can imprison all those gnomish food stuffs (while I am certain the first shipments will contain only prisoners and the elderly, soon it will be the women and children - do you truly intend your halls to contain the detritus of both your ancient enemies)?  You asked for specific offers from my Desert Kingdom yet too quickly prostrated yourself before the Scarlet Wyrm (I advise you to be certain you face my cousin when you next prostrate yourself as he has been known to fornicate with goats).

Nevertheless, as peace is a worthy goal (but not at any price - I weep for the loss of gleaming Hammerhold) I ask that you withdraw your support for my cousin encroaching upon the very borders of the Ranger lands.  I suggest that you can buy peace in the Talking Mountains without similarly demanding that other races prostrate themselves before my boorish cousin. I shall support the lovely Ranger Queen in her worthy campaign to halt the Scarlet Wyrm's territorial expansion.  If your goal truly is to avoid dragons in the Talking Mountains I suggest you be clear that you are not intending to support my bastard cousin's territorial expansion.

Mighty King Bloodgulper, Sincere Greetings from the Desert King

It appears that bloodshed, mayhem and destruction will soon be visited upon all the lands since the duplicity of the Scarlet Wyrm has been made clear in his eradication of the dark elves following his cowardly violation of the treaty known as the Withdrawal of Dragons.  The first sign that my ignoble cousin even remembers the time when dragons could lose their heart-blood was when he offered you a town and village in the lands where the dark elven children once flitted and sung in the night.  While I understand your acceptance of this bribe (although it pains my soul to see my deceitful cousin bartering towns and villages that are not truly his to give) I ask only that you not extend your 18 months of peace to the prostrate dwarf.

Should that dimunitive (how short is a prostrate dwarf?) nation march to war alongside the mighty dragon legions I offer you my assistance in gaining control of the entire Talking Mountains for your steadfast giants!!!  I ask only that I be allowed to control those popcenters once held by my mentally-disturbed cousin: i.e. Hammerhold (as this has been promised to him) and the RD starting town.  I intend to cleanse the land of my oathbreaking kin and would be pleased to relieve you of this spring-cleaning as it is truly undignified to have to pick up after dragons -- as the dwarf king will soon learn.  Should the dwarf king renounce his support for RD territorial expansion there shall be no need for us to liberate the Talking Mountains from the prostrate dwarf.  What are your thoughts in this regard Mighty King Bloodgulper?

Greetings Lord of the Eternal Eye

Welcome back to the lands of Alamaze, great Dark Wizard!

As our kingdoms were close allies in the distant past -- before a time even remembered by those other than elves and dragons -- I seek to reestablish the trust and confidence once shared between us.  I recall when I was a young wyrmling and you and I debated the structure of magic and sought to understand the essential nature of the cosmos.  It was during these times that my scarlet cousin often took to the goat-filled mountain pastures to feast and fornicate. I now inquire as to whether you are interested in confirming our eternal peace [game-long NAP] and planning to renew our discussions once my scarlet cousin is sent to abide in the great ocean of chaos?

The Desert King was lost in thought as his senior commander hurried to complete his duties.  "One moment Ahzek."  The majestic warrior halted and turned to hear what additional instructions his beloved king would impart. "Do you miss soaring among the stars in your Great Form? Do you miss trumpeting a combat challenge high in the night sky?  Could you once again tear out the heart of a red dragon and gorge upon it as the departed soul drifted to the great ocean?  Are we diminished by peace or enlightened by it, my friend?"

Ahzek considered the words of his king knowing that the Desert King truly mourned the loss of every single dragon soul -- even those of the scarlet wyrms.  "MiLord, if we don't stop your cousin the great variety of life in Alamaze will be reduced to only dragons. I was once certain that dragons and elves would live for all eternity until learning how your cousin eradicated the dark elves.  All the souls in Alamaze are within your providence -- not simply those of the dragons.  I have faith that you will guide and protect all of Alamaze MiLord!
Lord Thanatos


Desert King,

The word of the Dwarves is their bond. We will not deign to respond to other comments which are beneath my liege, and which we had thought were beneath you as well.

As with all free peoples, you are free to proceed as you see fit. But we view the Ranger Queen's position as objectively unreasonable, and so if you wish to support that level of illogic sheerly to attempt to deny your ancient enemy from the natural desire for control over one of the ten regions of our land, that is your prerogative... we simply disagree with you.

If that disagreement is cause for war with you, again, that is your prerogative, extreme and bizarre as it might be. Regardless, you will find the Dwarves ready for you.



Greetings all from the darkest depths of hell and fire. We are legion, we are many. We are relentless. We are ruthless. Our legions of undead and princes of unrivaled power are stirring in the South. Our many ears have heard the oratory of the other kingdoms of Alamaze and wish to add our voice to the chorus. The Demon Princes fear none, but also value dialogue and straight talk with our many neighbors.


Lord of Winged Fire. We have heard you. Long have we resided next to each other. We will continue to do so in Peace. We desire to trade our pc's as you propose, for we will consolidate our power in Arcania. We accept your entreaty of peace and non aggression. Let us agree to this for 10 turns for starters.


I admire your courage in not bowing down to threats straight away. I have no intentions of moving on you for my focus will remain in region 8 until at minimum turn 5. I am not able as of now to enter into an actual treaty with you, but my words are true. You have nothing to fear from us.


Neighbor to the North. Let us make a pact that you will not interfere with my base of power and fire in Arcania. In return, I will refrain from moving into Amberland following Arcania's submission.


Wizard of Fire, brother in arcane arts. Let us discuss how we might train together to learn how to master the fire together. We are close, so is there a possiblity of being closer?


Those that hide in shadow and kill are forever in our esteem. We share much in values. I would like to be a friend to you.


We are neighbors and as such I would like to make sure we have open communication. I think you know that my focus will be on 8 for much of the early game.

DE- All Others.(except the vile white robed imbeciles)

We are direct. We value power. We will always respond. Send emissaries as necessary.


Your time is coming. When we have you in our dungeons we will show no mercy.



When there is an agreement to trade pop centers or ask for an agent mission, or trade an artifact does all of that knowledge have to be publicly traded too?

OOC: Yes.


Dread Lord,

As they say, it is Every Man for himself when it comes to pop centers.



Lord of Spies

As advised I plan to start searching Runnimede for pop centers. I will search the eastern desert and start to search the mountains along the Z line. I will also search the northern mountains.. of our region as well. I propose that you search the swamps, forest and seas on our western border. Since we share the same region I suggest we enter into a game long defensive pact. I would like to control the region and the city of Cradia. I recommend any pop centers that are found at sea be your domain. My goal is control of the region for me and substantial for you. To seal this arrangement I would also offer the services of my wizards to increase the gold production at a pop center of your choosing by 7500 gold with multiple casting of the hidden ore spell.

Your Friend
Frodrich the Dwarf slayer Herald of the little people


To the Great Arch Fiend, Lord of Lies, Prince of Darkness the Deceiver.

Thank you for opening a dialog with the little people to your west. as you look to gain control of 8 please be advised that I do own a small village in your region, and hope to keep it. I would like to suggest a NAP between our kingdoms. Please advise if this pleases you and if so how long would you like the NAP to be.

Your Friend
Frodrich the Dwarf slayer Herald of the little people

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