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301 - Forum Diplomacy Only Steel SVC

Tremendous Majesty, King Loman Firebreath

Grave tidings indeed. While your response brought joy to our hearts, your news of the demise of our errant kin has wounded us sorely. Despite their folly, we truly hoped to reunite with them in love and harmony. Plague is a horrible thing, but we have no doubt it was caused by their search for darker and darker magics. As you reclaim the eastern forest, please do us the honor of burning any Elven corpses you find to send them on their way to the next stage.

We will gladly reclaim any precious relics you recover from the cairns of our dead kin. And, in honor and respect, we will of course add to your coffers for your graciousness.

Yours in friendship,


I am happy to accept your kind offer.

Your Friend
Frodrich the Dwarf slayer Herald of the little people


King Dozreg Bloodgulper would like to extend a mailed fist to all of the kingdoms of Alamaze! I would hope to attract emissaries from various kingdoms to discuss options of peace or non aggression towards each other...

We promise not to crush your emissary!!


"MiLord! MiLord! There is great news spreading in fearful whispers throughout the lands of Alamaze. . . . We dragons shall once again rule all the lands.  The Ancient Scarlet Wyrm has arisen and is dictating to the lesser races how their obeisance is to be performed.  Ah, my blood sings!  Once again we shall take to the sky!"

The Desert King stretched his legs (requiring no less than four concubines to awaken) and slowly turned his gaze to the form of the young human male.  While he looked fondly upon this lad he could not supress the frown beginning to mar his noble features.  The youth noticed and in confusion asked, "Is this not wondrous news?"

While pulling a magnificent silk robe from beneath still another concubine the Desert King turned to the now anxious speaker, sighed heavily to compose himself, and slowly shook his head.  "Let me tell you of a time long past, my dear nephew-son.  A time when all the great dragons gathered and swore on their sacred honor to depart the human lands and allow that race time to grow and learn.  I was there.  I swore the oath and signed in blood.  So, too, did (the Desert King sneered) the 'Ancient Scarlet Wyrm.'  Since that time all the mighty races of dragons have taken on alternate forms and allowed the idea of dragons to recede into mere myth and legend in the minds of the humans.  If the Scarlet Wyrm has now broken this vow there is no doubt a time of great conflict again upon the land.  While my scarlet cousin lacks a soaring intellect his bellicosity is boundless.  Blood shall soon cover all the lands.  Since abandoning our Great Forms we have studied magic, built libraries and temples, stressed diplomacy, and learned that peace is a boon not to be taken for granted.  In these last thousands of years not a single dragon has spilled its heart blood and returned to swim in the formless oceans of chaos.  And now . . . I hear joy in your voice without haven given a thought to the irreplaceable dragon souls that are again at risk of being unmade.  It is wisdom to seek peace.  The last few thousand years have proven this to our great race.  Wisdom is, of course, another virtue outside the knowledge of my scarlet cousin."

"Summon my scribe."


Dearest Lords and Friends, it troubles my soul to learn of the demands being forced upon you by the madness of the Scarlet Wyrm.  I ask you both to remain strong and true to your long histories of friendship with each other and with my own kingdom.  Please inform the long-winded dragon that the Desert King offers a true and steadfast alliance to whichever kingdom(s) spurns those vicious threats and publicly refuses to ever send the Scarlet Wyrm so much as a single loaf of precious bread. While the Wyrm has promised to abandon the Runnimede town he has unlawfully held in thrall (we shall soon see if his word can be trusted!) his demands are clearly intended to foment distrust and discord among your two great nations.  This method of treating with friends is duplicitious and deceitful.  I implore you both to avoid such a diplomatic trap.

I am happy to promise to wrest control of that town from the Scarlet Wyrm and peacefully provide it to the GN as a gesture of friendship and goodwill with no thought of personal gain.  I also promise to provide a town in the Southern Sands to the UN as soon as I again establish my benevolent rule.  This also is being done as a gesture of friendship and goodwill with no thought of personal gain.

Finally, I seek to enter into lengthy treaties with you both establishing peace between our peoples for any length of time you each desire.  Please reply at your soonest convenience Great Lords!


Great Lord of the Endless Host, I send my warmest greetings!

For centures our two nations have worked together in mutual esteem - even having gone so far as to establish embassies within each other's lands.  I suggest that we now work to trade those peacefully deeded towns so that each of us may more quickly reestablish our formal rule over Arcania and the Southern Sands.  The quicker we reestablish our formal kingdoms the stronger we will become so as to be able to fend off the depredations of the Scarlet Wyrm.  While his DEMANDS are thus far only being made to the DW, the GN, and the UN I have no doubt that such a rude and bloodthristy creature will soon begin extending his demands to those who he has not yet attempted to force capitulation.  We must stand strong!  Please indicate soonest whether you desire to close our mutual embassies and exchange the deeds.

Furthermore, I am willing to execute a mutual defense pact or peace treaty or some other diplomatic relationship should you so desire.  Please indicate your desires in this regard at your earliest opportunity Great Lord of the Endless Host.


Mighty King of the pure-blooded men, Greetings from the Desert King!

Rumors of war to your north have reached my peaceful lands.  I wish to assure your nation that the magical scroll maintained by your peoples spelling out the Withdrawal of the Dragons was intended to last forever!  Thousands of years ago I placed it within the protective shielding of the Altar of Old Gods.  Once you again claim that ancient artifact it shall be clear that the Scarlet Wyrm has violated and voided the mutual promises contained in that historical agreement.  By shifting back into dragon form (necessitating his shifting back to human form) he has released upon the land the plague that eliminated the steadfast darkelves and war shall soon (again) feast upon all the lands.  I wish to offer my assistance to defend against such a mercurial northern neighbor.  I warn you to be vigilant so that your peoples are not treated by the Scarlet Wyrm in the same fashion that he has treated the DA.  My legions stand ready to defend against the Scarlet Wyrm should you desire my assistance.

Would a formal peace agreement interest you Mighty King!?  I realize it is something to be thoughtfully considered after having just divulged that my foul-smelling cousin has recently broken the previous treaty we dragons made with the race of men.  Nevertheless, the honor of my noble race must be restored.  I believe a treaty of non-aggression for any length of time you desire is the very least that can be offered to atone for the ignoble deceit of my cousin.  Please consider my words and share your thoughts when you deem the time to be propitious.


I exhort you all to be steadfast and resolute in the face of the Scarlet Wyrm's demands.  Please let me know what assistance my noble peoples can provide.  I, the Desert King solemnly pledge to assist any who request aid against the oathbreaker.  Please keep me informed of any sightings of red dragons so that their rampages may be healed in a spirit of mutual trust and cooperation!

"See to it that these messages are delivered as quickly as possible.  That is . . . as quickly as possible without assuming your Great Form.  The noble Black Dragons shall not break our word until all the other rulers are completely convinced that the Scarlet Wyrm has already deceived them and violated his oath."

"Yes, my King!"  The lad turned to do his master's bidding though he was unable to conceal his disappointment at being ordered to avoid his Great Form.  But the Desert King had led his nation for eons and the youth was certain that the day would soon come when the Desert King would assume his Great Form and his name would again be sung throughout the lands.

Soon, oh so very soon, Alamaze will again desire the might and wisdom of Raisthanatosfistandantilus - Ancient Lord of the Midnight Dragons!  The young lad/dragon was content with this thought as he went about his sworn duties.
Lord Thanatos

From His Tremendous Majesty, Loman Firebreath to the Puny King of the Sissy Dragons.
Cousin, you would be wise to stay out of the affairs of your betters. The Gnome King shows much more sense that you do, even though his lifespan is but a flash in the pan compared to such as us. You boldly promise to deliver our town when all know you will be scampering around in the desert trying to acquire territory for yourself first. While your opening gambit has failed utterly your interference has been noted.

Archangel, welcome to Alamaze! It's a good habit to put your kingdom abbreviation at the head of your posts because many of us are in multiple games and it makes it easy to keep track of without having to check back to the first post so see who's who. Enjoy the game; I'm betting it's going to be a fun one.

(12-04-2015, 07:42 AM)DuPont Wrote: OOC:
Archangel, welcome to Alamaze! It's a good habit to put your kingdom abbreviation at the head of your posts because many of us are in multiple games and it makes it easy to keep track of without having to check back to the first post so see who's who. Enjoy the game; I'm betting it's going to be a fun one.



I, Dozreg Bloodgulper do do hereby decree that both Dragon Kingdoms are welcome to send emissaries to my court to discuss diplomacy. We do not discriminate here and have nothing but respect for the Dragons of this age.

Greetings, Bloodgulper. It is nice to talk to someone else who enjoys the warm, coppery taste of my favorite drink. We offer you our friendship and a deal. Knowing that you must share Amberland with the Red Mage, we are prepared to let you add a town and a village in the Eastern Steppes to add to your holdings as they grow. We would suggest that these be in the western part of that land. Either you can look for them yourself or (as I would suggest), when we take the region, we can offer up two suitable ones for you to take in whatever manner most pleases you.
In exchange, we would like a Non-Aggression Pact (NAP) with your kingdom to run through Turn 18. This means that we will take no harmful action against each other - military, political, HC votes or agent action. Write your answer in the stones and we shall read it as we fly over.
His Tremendous Majesty, King Loman Firebreather

We note your acceptance of our offer. We ask if you would like a general description of the location of the town to avoid it in searching while cautioning that as we now consider the town 'yours'; were any try to poach it before we turn it over, we still consider the deal to hold and put the responsibility for gaining the town on your kingdom.
His Tremendous Majesty, King Loman Firebreather

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