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The Choosing 1st Full-On
Post here your invitations to diplomacy, your boasts, your laments, your victories, your embellishments in

The Choosing 1st Full-On

The DE can be reached at AlamazeHH at gmail dot com.

The Selections for The Choosing First Full-On Are:

Netstrider: Druid

Atuan: Necromancer

Greyhawk: Warlock

Lord Alz: Sorcerer

Lord Thanatos: Black Dragon

HeadHoncho: Demon Princes

UncleMike: Gnomes

DuPont: Illusionist

Jumpingfist: Dark Elves

Imperial Tark: Ancient Ones

Damelon: Pirates

Grey Mouser: Red Dragon

The necromonger can be reached at

The Dark Elves can be reached at

Black Dragons are at
Lord Thanatos

The Ancient Ones can be reached at:

The Illusionist can be discovered behind:

If you wish to secure safe passage through any of the seas, you'd best contact THE PIRATES ... ARRRRR!!!!
Cool (the closest I could find to a pirate emogee!)

(Red Dragon emissary)

Whew, made it.  Just a bit scorched on the backside. 

My master says send your envoys to   We will entertain proposals for mutual peace and understanding (with our customary cut).

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