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5473 Lurking in the Weeds
From the gutters of Ramhorn, to its streets as a lowly cutpurse, savagely beaten if his daily thefts didn't exceed five gold pieces, Pine Needle heated and honed. At 14, he became the head of that thieves band by garotte, and the head of the whole thieves guild at 18 by stiletto.
Still he sharpened his tools, steel, human and otherwise.
At 20 while visiting the Underworld court as Ramhorn's representative, he saw his chance, and his small group of loyal henchmen killed the entire aged court with poison, beginning the new regime.
No longer would the Underworld solely work in the shadows... to arms.

To all my fellow kings and queens, our court is open as are our ears. How can we be of service to you? What tools bring you to complement mine? I can be a loyal ally or a terrible enemy. What is your choice?

-Pine Needle

I honestly don't remember, is this game Forum Diplomacy only or is there email diplomacy, too?

"Yo Ho, me hearties! Brace the sheets to windward, hoist the mainsail, run out the guns and batten down the hatches!"

First Mate: "But I did batten them down!"

"Well batten them down again - we'll teach those hatches!"

The Pirate King may be reached at

And now for the obligatory link:

(06-21-2020, 04:44 PM)DuPont Wrote: I honestly don't remember, is this game Forum Diplomacy only or is there email diplomacy, too?

Open communication, private among allies only was what I think we ended up with.

The wild women of Krynn are open for talks of comraderie. We prefer red wine to white, and warring to treaties.

If anybody wishes to talk to the Sacred Order, you can send a white dove with a note on its leg to

RD - All

I am looking for trading partners for turns 5, 6 and 7. I will pay 20k gold for 40k food. All you mages in the south think ahead. Thats a tasty bit of gold to raise wizards.

Hello fair Sirs and Sirettes,

The Necromancer would love to chat and can be reached at

Warmest regards,

Mr. Red, please consider us for your trade needs. We plan to be able to accommodate, and would much rather be on your good side.


Up to 60k food available this turn for gold at 2 food to 1 gold (min. 20k food).


NO-UN Well come, noble lord of the shadows. I have the location of two artifacts in Darkover. If you wish, we can do this two ways. 1) You can allow me passage for a fee, or 2) I can sell you the location of the two. Since I believe we can do this by email if I am correct, you can reach me at

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