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Game #108 - 15 Player Steel Game
This is the thread for news, taunts, misinformation, sportsmanship on Game #108, a Steel game. Congratulations to Yellowbeard and Harry O who have joined the ranks of The Commanders.

AN - Daenerys_Targaryen
BL - HeadHoncho
DA - The Wise One
DE - YellowBeard
DW - Pedinski
EL - Hile Troy
GI - BlueFile2
GN - DuPont
RA - Lord Moontree
RD - Wynand
SO - The Deliverer
TR - Kalrex
UN - Helix
WA - Lucky Tiger
WI - Harry O

The Sorcerer may be reached by all but the Warlock at best of luck to all (except the warlock).
-The Deliverer

Giant kingdom can be reached at
I plan to be a gentle Giant in this game, searching for artifacts, raising wizards, educating the WI, ect.

You can reach the Gnome at
So far, I have no plans other than to hate on the Dwarves. Those ugly shorties!

Dark Elves at

Always appreciative of educational opportunities the Witchlord can be reached at

Harry O

The Red Wyrm can be reached at

Hi guys! Looking forward to playing a fun game with you and making a few new online friends. :-D

Rangers can be contacted at

~Lord Moontree (aka Jason)

Demon Princes can be reached at

Ancient Ones - This feud has been going on for too long. Lets talk. I've arranged a private dung.. err.. villa for you in Torvale to visit so we can discuss working towards peace!

Can't wait to start, looking forward to gaming with you! Black Dragons can be reached at

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