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G108 - The Deeds that were Done
(09-30-2013, 06:38 PM)Ry Vor Wrote: News off the wire - Game #108 has been won by The Hidden Sorcerer played by The Deliverer. This is The Deliverer's second win, tying him with wins in Classic games with Wynand.

But we'd like to hear how the adventure went for all kingdoms active at the end. What did you learn? What would you do different? How did you enjoy your kingdom? Were your allies steady?

And if you'd like to award a Reputation vote to one or more of your competitors, post here or if you prefer, to

For those that forgot, here are the Special Commendations players can nominate other players in their game who are active at game conclusion, for:

Recommendations for Special Commendation:
Sent in as the turn after final results - nominations. Only active positions at the end of the game can nominate.
Write-up player has to be active at game end.
Player getting 3 of these in one category gets an icon of color for category, and free setup.
And the related citizenship title.

Iron Willed: persevered beyond all expectation. Nominee must have been eliminated after T18 or be active at game end, and not have finished top 3.

Chancellor: persona selflessly dedicated time and attention to help a relatively new player as mentor. Persona doing the nomination above Commander Service must be nominating an experienced player who he knows has significantly helped a new player learn the game and introduce him to some of the nuance - name the new player persona(s) and kingdom(s) as well in the nomination.

Infamous: Persona that made the game more fun or engaging, probably including banter and encouragement, but in any manner that brought special and lasting memory of this game.

Senator is a title that goes to a persona that has made 9 nominations (so at least 3 completed games), but is not a title which is voted on.

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