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Full Diplomacy
I guess that at sometime in the past it was decided that full diplomacy games were not working for Alamaze, and now all standard games are created with partial diplomacy. I was wondering going forwards if this is going to change as a big part of my enjoyment of PBM/PBEM games is the full diplomacy element. Just asking the question as for a lot of players in that play this type of game this is an important element of gameplay.

This is a great question. When we say full diplomacy how is this different than partial?

As far as I understand full diplomacy would allow alliances, nap's and communication outside of the forum.

Currently as I understand it you cannot have alliances, nap's and only communicate through the forum.

I have no problem with full diplomacy games, though I prefer the limited ones simply because they take less time on the turns. But the biggest thing is expanding the player base as some were feeling that friends were coordinating with each other. I think this would matter a lot less with a bigger player base so hopefully that's where we will end up.

I left Alamaze for a while as it had become a Friends game. Friends joined together and and created unofficial teams. The same players would team up in game after game. It was no longer a game of skill. I think we lost many players during that time. Alamaze has options for team games. If full communication is to be re-instated it will need to be moderated and rules will need to be established.

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