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Game 5705
(11-28-2023, 12:55 AM)Wookie Panz Wrote:
(11-28-2023, 12:23 AM)Maximus Dominus Wrote:
(11-27-2023, 11:41 PM)PTRILEY Wrote: Looks like a really good game

Not sure what possessed DuPont to begin meddling in Nyvaria.

I suspect that he was trying to fill what he perceived as a developing vacuum, with perhaps a touch of greed thrown in. Dan was exceedingly helpful, and provided meticulous guidance (other than a few mistakes that we made along the way).

Dan plays at a level that is vastly beyond my meager grasp of the game.
It was kind of a shame to have to go 2- 1 on DuPont's UN but it was him that attacked us, after DE had attacked me.  I was just being a peaceful Alchemist

Yeah, I’m not buying it lol

(11-28-2023, 12:55 AM)Wookie Panz Wrote: I was just being a peaceful Alchemist

Was is a past tense word. You're a calculating devil, Dan. I may need to start calling you Devil Dan.

It was a fun game. First time for me playing the Lycans. Thanks for those that stocked around. I was attacked by a few kingdoms, then I fought back and they dropped early. Sorry, I don't offer easy fights and I never surrender.

Lycans is definitely a military kingdom with unique abilities. The high council can really hurt its diplomatic capabilities and has no counter.

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