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Game 91 Confederation
I was never in this game.

(10-27-2023, 04:03 AM)Windstar3 Wrote: I almost had the game in the bag. I could have gotten all 8 regions, but I didn't get it done right. Instead of hoping on gaining control by taking a city and 2-3 towns in two regions and going on to the next, I should have secured control of those two. That would have given me the win. Hat's off to ST though. He fought hard and pulled off in the end. If only I had a turn or two more---but that is not the case. This is my best finish though in a confederation game, so I will happily accept 2nd place. Next game....

Definitely a close game in the end and nicely played Guy.  I agree if the game was to 42 turns you probably would have had it.  My opening strategy was probably not ideal and more importantly, not well executed.  I missed both my ESOs.  I was lucky Pine turned his back on me at all.

(10-27-2023, 04:40 AM)RELLGAR Wrote: I was never in this game.

Ooops, sorry bud!

Who was playing the lizard free traders?

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