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Full Version: Game #108 - 15 Player Steel Game
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So then assuming everyone has shot their emails over to with the requisite info that Ry Vor requested, we are good to go. Can't wait to Sorcer around.

I apologize in advance for what I do to Lucky Tiger as he is my natural enemy.
[quote='Lucky Tiger' pid='12740' dateline='1372277590']
Quote:AN - Daenerys_Targaryen
BL - HeadHoncho
DA - The Wise One
DE - YellowBeard
DW - Pedinski
EL - Hile Troy
GI - BlueFile2
GN - DuPont
RA - Lord Moontree
RD - Wynand
SO - The Deliverer
TR - Kalrex
UN - Helix
WA - Lucky Tiger
WI - Harry O

This game is filled and this thread is now closed. Look for the Game #108 thread under Active Games.
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