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Full Version: Anonymous 12 player game?
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I'd like to propose a new format, now that Seeking New Heroes has formed.

Look for that thread and let me know what you think.
OK, now that Experienced, Seeking New Heroes, and the first Primeval have formed, let's try Lord Thanatos' idea:

1. 12 player anonymous as to kingdom, but post on this thread if you wish to be included in the game so players know how many players are signed up. In other words, players will know your persona is in, but you and they won't know who has what kingdom, except after the game starts, what your own kingdom is.

2. The AN, DE and UN will be unplayed and vacated in this 12 player game. Send your kingdom preferences to with the email subject: Anonymous Steel 12 Player.

3. As with all anonymous games, no contact between players is involved, but it is self policing. The moderators do not get involved in that. Also, given a recent dust-up elsewhere on the forum, accusations of players should be restricted to support@ if at all, not speculated about on the forum.

As I have said before, I do not recommend Anonymous for new players as it is impossible to get in-game advice.
I'm in.
I will play.
I'd be down.
It should go without saying, since it was my suggestion, nevertheless.....

I am in!
How about random set-ups? Like the old days.
I"m in
I'm in
I'd like to try this one as well. Thanks.
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