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Full Version: Anon, 12 Player Magic, Exploration, Team Victory Only
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The draft is complete and the results have been sent to Rick. Please post the game number here after it starts.
Thanks for getting us setup LD!
(09-16-2014, 12:41 PM)Mauler Wrote: [ -> ]Thanks for getting us setup LD!

As always smooth Draft
Many thanks, LD.
(09-16-2014, 07:55 PM)wfrankenhoff Wrote: [ -> ]Many thanks, LD.

Thank You to LD for the draft help!! Awesome as usual.

Question: The ESO in the kingdom setup pdf does not apply correct?

We need to make our own via order 991?
What are the rules for high priestess in this one?
Yes, all games from #146 on have been selecting your own ESO via the process posted elsewhere via order #991 on Turn 1 - don't forget!

All games are what was called Exploratory, meaning no one starts with a high Priestess and none can be hired before Turn 4, and no Ancient One Consul can use a HP related order until Turn 4.

These are standard for all games.
Has this one started yet?
Yes, this was created today.

It is #149 - Magic Semi-Anonymous, Team Only Victory (6 regions).

Should be quite interesting with so many high ranked players playing in a team environment for a change.

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