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Full Version: 2014 Championship (Special Game Division)
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The 2014 Championship (Special Game Division) is here! This contest will be in the format of a 4-player Warlords Game using the standard draft format.

Based on participation and performance in Warlords, Titan, and Primeval games these are the four primary invitees:

Morgan Kane
Lord Thanatos
Count me in!
(11-11-2014, 05:19 PM)wfrankenhoff Wrote: [ -> ]Count me in!

Me too!
Why not neglect DuPont V some more? I'm in!
I will play
Best of luck to all!!

My $2 is on DuPont. Will currently owes me $22.50, so anyone wishing to take me up on my $2 bet can address him directly.
I have sent my initial draft choices to Lord Diamond. I assume he is generously assisting us as he often does. Thank you Lord Diamond. Let's get this thing started!
The Warlords Championship will be anonymous correct? I am so used to all my Warlords games being anonymous I had a strange thought that I should confirm this. Exploratory as well? Victory is only via controlling six regions among one's three kingdoms?

Please confirm the above Ry Vor.
Everyone sent me their round one choices before I could request them. Smile This draft has begun!

It is anonymous. I assume Exploratory....
All games are Exploratory. This game should be Anonymous and Team Only as that is how almost all Warlords games have been in 2014 and this is the 2014 Championship.