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Unusual Encounter frequency
In the old 2nd edition, you basically knew how many encounters there were per region.  I do not want this issue looked into atm since Uncle Mike is in one of my games.  In my 2 games created with the new random PC's and Encounters, in my 2 games, I have seen a 3 encounter difference in the number that appear so far.  Now I do admit, if the encounters are "hidden"  then I missed them so far.  I also realize others might of entered my starting region and grabbed a few as well.  I guess my  question is, does every region start with an equal amount of unusual encounters with the new randomizing program running now?  BTY, just a note, 10 was how many I found in one of my games and 7 in the other I am in. When the games are over I would be willing to give more info out.

Players that have followed us for a while or read the Philosophy pages know I would prefer to give out fewer numbers to players.  I really don't want them crunching numbers instead of being involved in the setting and playing as they imagine it should be played. 

There are quite a few more encounters in 3rd Cycle over 2nd Cycle.  New kinds of encounters as well, such as the Princess, the Green Dragon Mates, the Twin Adepts, new Superior Weapons, like Anglika: Sword from the Sky. 

There is no set amount of encounters per region.  There are currently probably about 80 encounters, so an average of 8 per region.

I agree with you on this by not saying anything.  What makes it tough though for players who can not play lots of games is we become farther behind the 8 Ball and provide less of a challange to those who can afford to get more games in.   There was the discussion about rule exploits, I was totally clueless to any of these.  Our player base is small so getting others with limited experience into a full on game can be a bit  hard to do.  Learning to play this game takes many games, both winning and loosing.  Some players are still in the exploring the game and what is has to offer.  Other players are pushing the boundaries of what can and what can not be done.  Finally you have those who know all the ins and outs of the game.   

Players like me love the exploring of the game.  Should I do an encounter or not.  Maybe I should explore some of the other encounters to see what fun they might offer me as a king of a fantasy realm.   I offer little challenge to a player who is playing the game like chess.  A chess players knows all the rules and knows all the moves and strategies for any kingdom.  A mix of the 2 games occurs in diplomacy games and the interactions between players can bridge the gap between the level of experience of players but this option is becoming tough to play for too much emotion tends to be involved.

Interesting stuff, probably should be in Philosophy section, but I guess that might sound pretentious.

I'm just trying to say I want Alamaze to be a captivating world where no one has figured out every nuance.  I don't think anyone has.  I know I haven't. 

There's no getting around experience, and to the example of chess, I assume all are in agreement the more experience, generally the better the player, up to their capability, and in chess, they are not distracted so much by their surroundings, as we hope to capture them in Alamaze.

Players are encouraged to play Alamaze differently as they play different kingdoms.  Don't play the Tyrant like the Sorcerer.  I actually would like to see the Tyrant vs. Sorcerer in a DUEL.  Any predictions?  So, so many different avenues of attack and defense, so deep the differences in approach, it is I would think a reason the game is still being discovered  by players who have played it for 30 years.

I believe SO would beat TY in a Duel. The ward/sleep capabilities will be a great advantage.
-This Khal Drogo, it's said he has a hundred thousand men in his horde

From what i see, take the whole map of 676 squares, subtract the cities and the Fire of the Void at NN and your starting PC's and you are left with an unusual encounter for about every 8 squares. Once your groups have determined no PC's reside there, do a 978 with agent 4+ to search for unusual encounters where you know there are no PC's, have your groups stop at no PC areas, use your palantirs and 888 raven familiar and you can check 10 spots just with those. Shouldnt be too hard. I found the Centauria map for duels to be riddled with them.

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