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Game 538 Cutthroat (Forum Only; Turn Specific)
(DA)- Tark wins another !  Conflagrations to the great Imperial Tark for yet another notch in his staff.  Well done sir as you made mince meat out of the BL for the win.

to BL - Jereheg, why did you twice vote against me in the high council?  Had I been able to denigrate Rd it would have helped but you supported him twice with your votes while he was taking two territories from you.  Was there some hidden logic in this? 

It looked like I could have had Talking Mts. in one more turn but I was too late while Tark was right on schedule.  When a player that good has flight in this game us mortal players can't cover enough ground to keep up.

Thanks for the nice comments!

As the RD and with only 4 other players on the board, I simply ignored all other aspects of my game beyond emmys and military (no significant money to agents, wizard training, or pursuing artifacts; nor did I bring emmys back to capital to issue a #390 order). Every turn, emmys and 5 groups were taking PCs, relentlessly. Grabbed the HC on T1 and used it (and everyone's natural fear of upsetting the RD) to jack my Influence while my King issued 470 orders ahead of where my emmys were landing. I had both R3 and R7 fast then I had to start engaging other's regions but that super speed was a huge factor. I also did all three 565 orders every turn starting with T4 so all 5 groups were Army sized or larger.

The DA had a chance to undermine me in R3 but apparently underestimated me having Control and declaring him an enemy the same turn his emmys landed there (I captured 3 of his court on failed 330 orders). The Amazon could have had me in R7 but after a good initial diplomatic surge, didn't seem to follow up the next turn allowing me to move emmys in to position to counter him the following turn. BL put up some earlier resistance in R2 but then seemed to fade quickly which opened me up to jumping straight from R2 to R5. Took his capital twice. It didn't hurt that I was able to rotate groups through NN to add Phoenixes in R5 at the same time. 4 of my 5 groups had Phoenixes when the game ended and one more turn all 5 would have been Phoenixed up.

The NO seemed to be "non-hostile" to my cause which didn't let him win but let him take 2nd since he was left alone by RD forces.

Had this game gone one more turn, I might have still held on to win but it would have been by Status Points at T24 as I would not have been able to counter the BL, AM, and DA groups and emmys all hitting me simultaneously.

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