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Team Game
I'm going to throw this out there, but I am not hopeful based on the fact that not one person other than Dan and myself has commented on the end of the last team game, but....

How about another team game?

Maybe we can switch up the teams, have a theme, maybe ice age team, if you have any ideas or interest please post.  I very much enjoyed both of my team games and my partners but am willing to partner with anyone who communicates well.  The idea is after all to be a team. Draugr and Wookie are top notch team players who I always learn from, hopefully they learned something too.

If you are a new player, by the way, being in a team game with experienced players is an excellent way to learn about the game, allow the veteran in your team to help you plan.  I always learn something despite having played dozens and dozens of alamaze games.  I'd be happy to take a couple of newbs under my wings to test our mettle against the vets.  I would also be more than happy to take up with my old team mates.

It could have been all Draugr and Wookie but... I am undefeated in team, 2-0, come at me bro. Smile

Would there be an interest in 2 man teams?

We have never tried this, and it would require a custom setup, but would anyone care for 6 two player teams?

We did it last year when I first joined, I do not know how hard it would be to setup.

Maybe we could do a confederate game, I believe that is what it is called, where 6 players each control 2 kingdoms.

I would be willing to do a two man team game or three man team game. i believe it just cost a bit extra as Rick must set it up for us to play.

if two man team games are not possible please let us know.

That would be confluence.

I like those as well Smile, but I'm an addict at this point so...

Confluence and confederation are both 6 player games.  I think one is team draft, the other has predesignated zones.  2-player teams would be a 12 player game.

I guess I'd be up for a 6 player game, I suppose we could get it going faster.

In the old days kingdoms had natural enemies, what might be interesting is one person has to play both of the natural enemies, since the kingdom and its enemy often had a good deal of similarity, it would be more like playing one big kingdom.  Having it so players could not have kingdoms that complimented each other (like a HA feeding a RD, or a wizard and a military for early vs late power) might make it more challenging. 


Hm.. now I'm really taxing my brain...

GI-WI  can't really replicate this one.
RA-TR  (we could to RA-TY)

Yeah I think that is it and the UN never had an enemy.

Since early on the RD-BL and RA-TY might be very dominant, we could go with total domination (12 regions) for victory.

Id be willing to choose last.... DW-GN here I come... Confused

Lets just keep it simple, I am up for a confluence game, current one ends in 4-5 turns max

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