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#300 - Experimental
Game 164 turn 9 was sent out based upon the original turn 8 results dating back to March 6 (last Friday). Please ignore the turn 8 files that you received today. Those were my testing files and I forgot to reset the counter back to turn 9. No harm was done to game 164 from my test.

You rock, UM!! Smile

I have a quick suggestion to add to the order input checker. This past turn I cast a ward pop center spell and there was no warning about it not working. My bad that I wasn't in the right region but I would think this is something the order checker could notice. The ward spell happens prior to movement so it would be something that should be able to be checked fairly simple. Might want to add it to the list? My bad for not noticing but would have loved to be warned!


Can I get some updates or rumors on whats going on in the world.  Did the Nomad really beat the Giants and Sorcerer team?  Are the Swamp men really putting up stiff resistance?  Who put the smack down on the Demon Princes to keep the game going?  Will the Elf be the new leading empire to win this game?  Who got hit with some of the new caster super spells and who were the results?

GI quit alamaze. WI took NO 60k+ defense capital last turn and moved in. Now running around R10 trying to find NO PCs but finding DE ones instead. Still good eating.

I think mostly EL and DU have been laying the smack down on the DE. My guess is DE is not gone yet. If the friendly EL would like to declare a victory that would be good with the WI. For me I am just running around having some fun this game. Really enjoying the ranked artifact system. Oh and who needs a fire of void if you can just get your artifact to a dropping kingdom. In a game that mattered may be a but miffed he quit without returning my 600 point artifact.

Most the super spells were removed. I would love to cast my level 9 improved kill leader/wizard spell but need a group willing to be a victim. 3 p7 liches running around in there little group is fun too.


I have fought the Giant, Red Dragon, Sorceror, Witchlord.

After I attacked the Sorceror the Witchlord teleported a 20 brigade army group to my capital (67K defense, 80K gold production at area ZW if anyone wants to take it from him) and sieged it. Of course, during his siege he lost two P4 wizards- one from my ambushing group that killed one with a spell and one via an agent attack.

The Sorceror and I have been trading blows and he's lost a P6 and P7 to assassinations so far. But he's definitely holding his own.

My military is a total shell of what it was mostly because of the absolutely insane casualties that I've gotten attacking pop centers. I lost 6 brigades attacking a city once at 3-1 advantage. I've lost 2 brigades at 10-1. In fact, I don't think I've ever attacked anything and not lost at least 1 brigade. But at the same time, the Witchlord attacked a single brigade nomad which was surprised. He had 20 brigades and a P9 wizard and my brigade survived. As I saw DuPont mention, there is something obviously wrong with the battle results. Seems to be missing the nuance of the old platform and is too straight %.

Anyway, it's been a good time and I have enjoyed fighting the GI, RD, WI and SO. As JF says, mostly I've just been playing loose in this one.

Those losses were from old battles before the software was updated to the official values. You can tell which version you're on by the conclusion sentence of how the losses are reported. If it's stated as a number of troops lost, it's the old system. If it's stated as a percentage of losses, you're using official stuff.

That's good. That's what this game is for, to find bugs or things that don't seem right and fix them. Hope that helped.

I fell victim to the kingdom elimination rule. I really, really hope that doesn't become the standard without a counter. That's the one thing that would cause me to quit playing.

(03-25-2015, 02:19 AM)DuPont Wrote: I fell victim to the kingdom elimination rule. I really, really hope that doesn't become the standard without a counter. That's the one thing that would cause me to quit playing.

I have to say as much as I kind of support the elimination rules / idea of it.   I do find it not cool to remove someone that still felt they had some fight left in them.   This is something DuPont is known for and now it is being taken away.  Curious was the new order available to make a sanctuary?  

I am playing a military kingdom in another game and find my self hiring ambassadors just to try and make sure I stay alive.  I could care less who my king is or what he is doing.  My kingdom is fully run by military all orders except hiring the silly ambassador each turn are consumed by my military efforts.  

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