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Orders help
If any new players feel a bit they can use some help getting their first couple of turns done just make a request here, on the forum, and one of the regular players is sure to help you out.

PTRiley wanted to contribute this for the new Players:

How I start my play:

Choose a kingdom and a region. Player aids have example of kingdom setups. Find a region to enhance the kingdom you select, for example: pirate kingdom without water access severely limits the kingdom, picking a region effected by winter enhances the combat ability of kingdoms with winter attack, as well as, kingdoms with summer attack should locate in regions effected by summer.

Same goes for your companion lists in kingdom selection. If the kingdom is heavy in companions that need to be recruited in plains or dessert then select a region comparable to recruiting needs.

One thing I like to do is see the cost of my troops when selecting a kingdom. Some will need gold support quickly because of their expense. so If I select the Sacred Order kingdom, I go in knowing I need to develop gold and food pretty quick to support those fine troops. Also knowing early military conquest is a must for survival in later turns.

After selecting what you want:

What then? 1st always know that bad rolls happen, and they happen to everyone so be patient if things don’t go as expected in the first few turns.

I like to use all available groups in my kingdom to move in multi directions in the region I selected looking for pop centers (basic recon for pops) you cover more ground with troops. I also transfer a single leader into inactive groups for patrols with additional movement ability.

If I have a major city, I move my two big emmies in it, and enamor (friendly) the region. I have had others move in and fortify early in attempts to gain an early advantage on me. But I always enamor the region turn 1. When attempting political control of populations use the tools but recognize that there is still a percentage of unknown calculated.

My first priority is secure the region I selected, then purge the region, unless deals have been made, to gain tight control.

At the start if I have a wizard kingdom I am in auto development mode of at lest two wizards, leap frog in raising one as others produce gold. You get the hang of it. Gold cost can be prohibitive early, so control region and wizard raising priority.

I then go after locating unusual sightings and getting my ESO (early strategic objective) whether it is titling emmies, finding artifacts, maintaining control of region until turn 10, raising wizards. Or which ever objectives I chose to do for the turn 10 (T10) rewards.

Agent development is a must, and there will be those times you will have to choose because of gold issues. I have placed several times playing the UN kingdom (underworld) killing and kidnapping everything in sight, so it’s important to protect your wizards and leaders.

**At the start you will select your ESO and customizations. As for my I always get the standard to offset everyone getting the standard lol, if I’m a wizard I grab an adept, maybe a leader, it is really random and kingdom specific for me.**

You can always ask in forum under the specified game# thread questions, just about everyone who is considered old players will help.

Thanks Vets and keep it coming for the new guys!

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