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So what the HELL has Brek been up to with Alamaze!
Dear Alamaze Community,

I'm excited to share with you some of the future developments for our game. Your support, through both play and donations, has been invaluable, and I want to give you a glimpse into the ongoing work behind the scenes.

Our team, including Mike, has been diligently improving our current system. A significant motivation for acquiring Alamaze was its untapped potential, which we've been actively developing. Our aim is to make the game more accessible to everyone by lowering the entry threshold. This involves revamping the existing code and platform to enable gameplay on various devices like phones, iPads, and computers, thus allowing for easier manipulation of game elements and automating more actions in the background.

To support these enhancements, I'm planning to invest in a new server that offers greater power and bandwidth. This upgrade will facilitate the addition of new content, such as maps, troops, and kingdoms, and pave the way for introducing more games beyond Alamaze.

I’ve attached a few screenshots to offer you a sneak peek at the tools and improvements we're implementing. Your feedback is always welcome, so please feel free to send any questions my way.

I also want to extend a heartfelt thank you to everyone who has contributed financially, with special gratitude to those who have donated multiple times. Your generosity is greatly appreciated. While Alamaze currently costs around $250 monthly to maintain, I anticipate that these new investments will reduce the running costs to below $50. The acquisition of new hardware in the upcoming month will be a significant step in this direction.

Our goal is to keep Alamaze as accessible and enjoyable as possible until we're ready to introduce a new pricing model—this will only occur once we've expanded our player base and further developed the community to a point where we all feel confident in the game’s value and offerings.

Here are some examples of the tools that will be part of the "New" Alamaze experience.

Best regards,

Brek (John)

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