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Game 121
Ok it looks like the game has started! Good luck to everyone.

I do have some questions:

It looks like I only have 4 groups is this correct?

How many orders above influence are we allowed, 2 or 4?

Which map are we using?

Lord Brogan

156 - GN

It's the new map (Updated results will be sent to everyone, as a fix was required to import the new map), but no twists (2 orders over infl, 4 groups)

As usual, great job Cipher.

The Gnomes can be reached at or just slide a note under a rock; we will find it.

the Red Dragons can be reached at

The Darkelf can be reached at

You can reach the Underworld by anonymous letter drop to their liaison, HeadHoncho, at:

thewestdm2 at yahoo dot com

Graar, Meathook, Tyrant of Torvale and King of the Trolls, can be reached at


Harry O

Greetings, Denizens of Alamaze!
The Benevolent (and always popular) Servants of the Ancient Ones can be reached at

Black Dragons can be reached at


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