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Unclemike's Corner
Hidden pc's:

A hidden popcenter may only be discovered if a group ends movement upon it (not searching for popcenters) or by a level 4+ agent performing a single recon (#970) but not trail group (#691/971) or search for popcenters (#976/979).

Under Encounters of Note's, "Our groups are outside of the following population centers", if your group lands on a hidden pc, it'll show the pc with the word "hidden" to the far right. Doesn't matter what leader/wizards are in your group nor trait/special ability.

A group that is pursued by another group will lose their tail if the first group goes to the secluded location of a hidden pc. The pursuing group will return to its starting location.

Trackers skill: ending movement on a hidden pc will reveal the pc but not if your group is just passing by the pc. Also hidden pc's are not revealed if your group is issued the move-n-stop-at-a-pc order (715,725) unless they just happen to finish movement on a hidden pc.

A basic recon of a L4+ agent (order 970 only) will reveal a hidden pc. Not other agent recons/searches and not trail group so if your agent trails a group that lands on a hidden pc, it won't reveal that a hidden pc exists there (and no recon of the trailed group).

Magical spells (e.g, ravens, eagles, unveil pop centers, ...etc.) will not reveal a hidden pc with the only exception being the True Seeing spell which reveals all. Locate character/group spell will fail if the target is located in a hidden pc.

Magical artifacts (e.g., palantirs, crystals of seeing, scrying mirrors, ...etc.) will not reveal a hidden pc since they recon as a L1 agent.

A consul/high priestess will fail to divine the exact map location of a hidden pc with their divination (divine pop centers, divine groups, ...etc.) but their divination will provide an indication that a hidden pc exists in the region with a notice of, "something is being obscured by our vision". When you see that additional text to the priestess' divination report, there's a hidden pc in the region. If that message repeats, it means that there is another hidden pc in the region (e.g., Halfling's two hidden villages or if a dispersed kingdom like the Underworld has his capital in a region with the Druid or such).

Agent missions are now standardized as the following:

  L3 for masked groups
  L7 for ambushing groups
  L10 for invisible groups

Agents L10 are also necessary to perform missions on emissaries that are invisible from the Concealed Emissary spell or the Mist Talisman artifact. This includes missions like assassination, bribe, kidnap, and steal artifact (if the emissary possesses the artifact).

Despite rumor, the Cloak of Disguise and Ring of Invisibility artifacts do not bestow invisibility upon an emissary.

For all 3rd Cycle games, transfer/combine orders no longer count towards your influence limit and are now unlimited. Yes, this means that you may submit more than 25 total actions in a turn. If you specify a transfer/combine action as a standing order for some reason, it will count towards your standing order limit. If you specify more actions for a turn than normally allowed for your kingdom (not counting transfers/combines) then the program will attempt to eliminate your highest-numbered action first (skipping transfers/combines) until your influence limit is reached.

This is a clarification of when a group may defend a pc from being attacked/conquered by a foreign group.
  • A foreign group may not attack a pc if the pc's owner has a group (with troops) stationed at the location.
  • The defending group must be of the same kingdom as the ownership of the pc, a group from another kingdom may assist in protecting the pc but the special rule of blocking an attack won't apply.
  • A pc may be attacked if a foreign group caused all defending groups to withdraw/retreat from battle. One or more foreign groups may be used to force defending groups to retreat. The group to affect a pc does not have to be the one that forced all defending groups to withdraw.
  • An ambushing/invisible defending group will not block a pc from being attacked.
  • A defending group that was issued the evasion order (#118), if successful is considered to have retreated from battle and may not attack a pc or another group.
  • A group that was issued the entrench order (#121) or if a kingdom has the Acuity trait and its group was not issued an attack/defend order (triggers an automatic entrench benefit), if successful is considered as defending and must be made to retreat from battle before the pc may be attacked.
  • A Wall of Flame spell (#98) will cause a group to retreat from battle if it was not issued an attack order at TAC 3. Issuing order #120 is a defending (not attack) action. That applies for both groups. So if a foreign group wishes to attack a pc that is being defended by a group that puts up a wall of fire, it must be issued an attack order vs the defending group at TAC 3 or the subsequent attack on the pc will be prevented. If a wall of fire prevents combat then both groups will be considered to have retreated from battle if they were not issued an attack order at TAC 3 (and that's 3, not a higher TAC from one of the newer maneuvers).
  • If an Ancient Ones Intervention spell (#109) is successful in preventing combat, it will block a pc from being attacked since both groups are considered to have retreated from battle.
  • A defending group that employs the Dwarven special ability to escape in mountainous terrain (order #120 at TAC 1), if successful will cause the defending group to retreat from battle.

  • If a group that has defended or retreated from battle (or entered entrench), may not affect a pc with attack (#150), plunder (#160), parley (#170), diplomacy spell (#171), threaten (#180), or siege (#190).
  • A pc may be affected by the meteor strike spell (#155) regardless of any defending groups or if the foreign group retreated from battle.

Made a minor correction for artifacts with usage limits (palantir's, staves, etc.) so be sure to read the artifact's description as to the number of times that you may use the artifact in a turn.

Some players are getting confused about the Onyx Amulet. The demonic gate ability is not automatic if in possession of the emissary/agent. You have to actually issue the special gate command (#351) instead of the standard movement order (#350).

Made a correction on kingdom reports when a wizard performs an undead ceremony (lich/wraith) with artifacts that boost wiz level (ring of power/spells). Now the little plus sign '+' next to wizard's name is correctly shown with the mage that has the benefit.

Newer players may not know this but the Northern Mists island area may be crossed without ships. Areas AO and BP may be crossed with standard land movement orders. No ships are necessary to move a group on the isle.

To be implemented this weekend (Oct 29-30, 2016):
  • All games will be migrated to the new SQL system. Much of this has already been done (weeks ago) but this weekend will complete the process for other miscellaneous items like the program that Ry Vor uses to create new games and registering player accounts.

  • The Rex Only victory condition will not allow the game to be won by a Usurper victory declaration. The description for Rex Only games incorrectly displayed that Usurper victories were also permitted which is a typo. So for Rex Only games, a player may only win by controlling 4+ regions or by Lion's Share (most status points on turn 40). Usurper victory declarations (by issuing order #998) only applies if the game has the Normal victory condition (which may be won by Rex, Usurper, or Lion's Share). The game's victory definition is printed at the bottom of every kingdom turn report (just above the order section). The Rex Only description will now have the correct text and no longer state that Usurper victory is possible. Current games that are defined as Rex Only are: 521, 523, and 524. If this is an issue with one or more players in those games, I can change the game configuration setting to be Normal instead of Rex Only which will allow a Usurper victory. Let me know in the Active Games thread or send Support an email if you were mislead into thinking that Rex Only victory also allowed other victory types and I'll try to accommodate but those three games were originally defined as Rex Only.
  • Combat vs PC will be a bit tougher with the PC inflicting greater damage during its long range missile phase
  • Elite brigades will be 175% normal combat value (was 150%)

  • [changed - reworded] Emissaries who fail at their action (rebel, usurp, etc.) will no longer be captured and imprisoned at a pc that is a kingdom capital. This also applies if a group attacks a capital and the capital automatically relocates to where your emissary is located while performing an action (your emissary will not be captured and imprisoned). Gold cost is not consumed by your emissary in this case.

  • Groups will no longer be able to intercept a group located at a hidden pc (essentially making the hidden pc a safe haven for your groups)

  • If a group wishes to attack a water-based pc, any pc-owner groups that are defending the area must first retreat by sea battle (issue a normal group vs group attack as with order #110,111) where their fleet loses as much (or greater) number of fleets (actually it's loss ratio to the total number of fleets) than your own fleet or the defending group will not withdraw and such would prevent your subsequent attack on the water pc
  • [changed] Troll regeneration will heal up to 10 points of attrition for troll troops only (not entire group) and will be automatically done at the end of turn (no need to issue order #236)
  • Dire Wolf Familiar spell will have an intrinsic version (2 levels higher) that will automatically provide its spell effects for your group if a wizard of that level is present within your group. Please read the new Dire Wolf Familiar spell description for more detail on its effects.
  • True Seeing spell will have an intrinsic version (2 levels higher) that will automatically provide its spell effects for your group if a wizard of that level is present within your group
  • [newly added] Early Strategic Objective (ESO). On turns 10-15, if an award is chosen for a group leader, wizard, or troops, the first group will be checked for an open slot to add the figure. If the first group is full then the next group is checked and so on until an open slot is available. The award will only be lost if there are no open slots across all of your groups. For troops, the new brigades will be added if a slot is available or one that contains the same brigade name and training level (regular) as the awarded troop type.

  • If all three leader slots are filled when successfully investigating the marshal encounter, the program will replace a leader that is lower level than marshal rank with the new figure. If your group has three marshals or higher, your group will not be affected and the encounter will remain available to investigate at a later time.

  • [newly added] The order checker validation code (when you press the Verify Orders button while filling out your turn's actions) will now include all map areas that your group travels through in its message. There was a request to include all map areas in the lower display area for the ease of copying such information to teammates.

  • For newly created games, all pop centers (towns/villages) and unusual encounters will be completely random on the map

  • Some adjustments to kingdom configurations (applies to new games only):
  • Added Amazon brigade to 1AM group
  • Added Westmen brigade to 2AM group
  • Added Northmen brigade to 2CI group
  • Added Marshal to 2CI group
  • Added Power-3 Wizard to 2HA group

  • Early Strategic Objectives (ESO) will be removed for all Solo/Duel formats

This is some outstanding stuff from Mike.  There a number of popular requests included, please review what he posted.

Ready button enabled games are now available!!!

Sign up if you're interested in a fast paced game where the players decide when the turn is processed (no more waiting around). There may be some kinks yet to iron out but testing has been good so far.

At this time, only Duel games may be offered in this new format.

To pick up the latest version of the website, press your browser refresh button at the Home page after logging in ( You should see a Ready menu tab to the far right (replaces the Summary tab).

Added update for ready turn intervals here:

Added a note about the Ready menu page (step #15):

Since we don't have a game creation website just yet where the players may sign up for a game and it's automatically launched for them, you'll have to get in touch with Ry Vor on when he should create your ready enabled game. The timer starts as soon as the game is launched so if you want a 20 minute turn interval, the clock for getting your turn 1 orders in starts when he initially creates the game.

Email notifications for when a player forgets to submit their orders are currently disabled for ready enabled games since such games are intended to be completed within a day. That may change for games that have turn intervals over 24 hours to include an email alert to be sent 10 hours or so before the turn's due date but that feature won't be implemented until later.

A note about dropped positions. For Duel games that won't be an issue since the other player is automatically declared the winner when an opponent drops out. For other game formats, the ready enabled game will wait the full turn interval before processing to allow another player to pick up the kingdom as a standby. That means that during the three turn transition of a dropped position, the ready game will wait the full duration for those three turns even if all the other players in the game have indicated that they are ready for the turn to be processed. This delay is necessary to allow for a standby player to pick up the position and to submit their orders even though everyone else may be waiting at the time. [Though it is possible for Ry Vor or myself to manually set the dropped position to be "ready" if requested by the other players in order to get the game going but that should only apply for games with extended turn intervals, e.g., days between turns.]

To be Effective January 13, 2017 (after noon processing):

Setup Changes:
  • Amazons gain an Amazon brigade to 1AM
  • Atlantians gain an Atlantian brigade in 1AT
  • Cimmerians gain a Cimmerian brigade in 1CI
  • Lizardmen gain a P2 and a Saurus brigade in 1LI, P1 wizard in 2LI
  • Rangers gain a Zamoran brigade in 1RA
  • Sacred Order gain a Northmen brigade in 1SA
  • Wizard capitals gain an additional 3k defense
  • Black Dragons start with +5k to capital defense and gold, and 2 additional Foreknowledge artifacts (random, but re-roll if in water area)
  • Both starting Halfling villages are hidden with a Glyph of Concealment
  • Dwarven defense build (order #599) increases by 4k for pc defense (was 3k)
  • Halflings gain a new companion type:
         Ents info:
            Recruitable:   Only in wild (no pc), Forest terrain, requires Marshal + Veteran brigade
            Max Limit:     3 Ents per group
            Recruit Cost:  6,000 food + 6,000 gold
            Upkeep Cost: 2,000 food + 2,000 gold
            Defense:       Very Good (on par with Sacred Order knights so can take a beating)
            Notes:           Solid infantry, strongest combat phase is storm (vs pc's)
            Special:        +10% group defense per Ent brigade

Trait Changes:
  • Devout Kingdoms can have their fanatics train two levels higher than their agents
  • Non-Magical kingdoms retain the same cost per power level of research and spell lists, but the maximum power assured moves from 2 to 3. Currently this only affects the Dwarves.
  • Black Dragon gains Rich trait
  • Rangers gain Charisma trait
  • Military Tradition kingdoms (AM, DA, RA, SA) gain a 5th group
Rule Changes:
  • Magic Research cost goes up after Power 5. So normal Research Costs through P5, but then at P6 and above, cost is (base cost/1000 + new level) x new level. So a Magic Supremacy kingdom going to P6, would pay (7 +6) x 6 = 78k gold, instead of the current 42k gold.
  • Wizards may only summon a brigade in the wild (not at PC’s).  Does not apply to Instant Summon Phantoms or to accumulating Zombies.
  • Summoned troops will have upkeep representing magical materials consumed to sustain the summoning:
       Type                   Gold                 Food
       Minotaurs:           2000                 2000
       Rock Golems:       2000                  500
       Wights:                1000                  500
       Ghouls:                  700                  500
       Skeletons:              300                      0
       Specters:              1000                  500
       Zombies:                300                  300

Combat Changes:
  • Barrage only against PC’s (not groups) and at 150% long range (instead of 200%) and remain 150% short range missile phases
  • Successful Flank tactic increases the group’s charge values by 175% instead of 200%

To be Effective January 20, 2017 (after noon processing):

Trait Changes:
  • The Halfling magical prowess improves from Disadvantaged to Substandard while retaining their special list of earlier-than-trait spells (so will obtain them a level earlier under Substandard as well).
Rule Changes:
  • Summoned troops will have upkeep representing magical materials consumed to sustain the summoning:
       Type                   Gold                 Food
       Minotaurs:           2000                 2000
       Rock Golems:       2000                  500
       Wights:                1000                  500
       Ghouls:                  700                  500
       Skeletons:              300                      0
       Specters:              1000                  500
       Zombies:                300                  300
Spell Effect Changes:
  • Spell Density of combat damage spells (Lightning, Firestrike, Tornado, Earthquake, and L3+ presence) against opposing groups:
             Type                  Multiplier
             vs. Divisions        125%  (was 150%)
             vs. Armies           150%  (was 200%)
             vs. Army Groups  200%  (was 250%)
             vs. Towns            125%  (no change)
             vs. Cities              150%  (no change)
  • Certain spells will no longer stack (each spell may only be cast once from the caster's group to the same target):
             - Combat Damage spells (Lighting, Firestrike, Tornado, Earthquake)
             - Combat Augment spells (Fear, Valor, Shield)
             - Pre-Combat spells (Summon Death, Meteor Strike)
             - Miscellaneous spells (Dire Wolf Familiar)

             Note: if you wish to cast the same spell against the same target, cast it from another group
  • Heal cast by wizard or high priestess now reduces the first brigade type by 15% divided by the number of brigades of that type/experience and reduces 9% attrition for a second brigade type divided by the number of brigades of that type/experience
  • Meteor Strike now inflicts 4,000 damage to a pc defense plus 3,000 (was 2,000) per wizard level over 5th level. So a P7 permanently destroys 10,000 defense instead of 8,000.
Spell List Changes:
  • Attached to this posting is a zip file containing tentative spell lists for this update. If you are currently in a game, reference these setups after Jan 20 since your original turn 0 kingdom setup files won't have these changes. When you start a new game after Jan 20, use the files sent with your new game since they will have the final version.
  • Heal (# 815) is now available to all kingdoms one level earlier
  • Invisible Patrol (# 843) has been added
  • Teleport Patrol (# 836) has been added
  • Teleport Army Group (# 853) is now available one level earlier for Magical Supremacy and Mastery
  • Dispel Dome of Invulnerability (# 136) is now available one level earlier for all except Devout kingdoms which now receive the spell two levels sooner
  • Lichdom (# 871) has been raised to 8th level for most wizard kingdoms
  • Summon Skeletons (# 861) now produces a skeleton brigade per two wizard levels (rounded down)
  • Summon Phantoms (# 93) now produces a phantom brigade per two wizard levels (rounded up)
  • Crack the Sky (# 97) now has the combined effect of Fear, Chaos, Tornado
  • Several summon undead troop spells have been removed from some kingdoms
  • Wind Storm (# 89) and Flash Flood (# 90) now affects the caster's group less than before (by half than previously)

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