Dossier for:

The Great Nomadic Hegemony

“A Free Life Under a Million Stars”

Dawn of the 4th Cycle of Alamaze

The Great Nomadic Hegemony, an amalgamation of diverse desert tribes, stands as a testament to the resilience and unity of a people scorned by the settled world. Led by the esteemed Emir, this kingdom defies conventional notions of civilization, embodying a noble and free-spirited existence that remains steadfast in the face of adversity. The nomads of the Great Nomadic Hegemony, misunderstood by outsiders, possess a profound understanding of the unforgiving desert landscape they call home. When their ancestral lands are threatened, they unleash their swift and agile light cavalry upon their enemies, encircling them with unparalleled speed. Mounted horse archers rain down a hail of arrows, their expertise in archery honed through generations of nomadic life.

Formidable and resourceful, the nomads wield their deep connection to the desert’s secrets to their advantage. Their mystical arts allow them to command the fearsome scorpions and bats of the desert, unleashing them upon their foes with devastating effect. Even the scorching heat of the summer sun barely touches these resilient warriors, enabling them to fight at their peak performance when others falter. During long campaigns, the Great Nomadic Hegemony employs a clever ruse, moving in single file to obscure their true numbers. This strategic deception grants them the element of surprise, catching their adversaries off guard and granting the nomads a critical advantage on the battlefield.


From Your Prophet:

We have not generated fear among our rivals, who consider us backward and undisciplined. Yet we are a united people with several distinct advantages, not least of all is Supremacy in the desert, and the ability to construct a Hidden Oasis, securing most of our food supply even in harsh summers. A summer campaign provides us special advantages. Our Scorpions are an intimidating Companion, and Great Bats in numbers could fly and conquer villages. Our magic is good, and we are a stealthy army, able to conceal our numbers easily. We have a great array of traits that may surprise our opponent in their robustness.

Specialized Traits For Our Kingdom:

The following traits provide special and unique bonuses for our kingdom. These effects are inherent and do not require specific action to enable unless otherwise specified in the section below.

Early Strategic Objectives:

Enter your selections for the Early Strategic Objectives with your orders on turns 1 through 3. Use Order #991 and reference the instructions in the Official Rulebook. If you do not select any objectives, your kingdom will receive the default objectives listed below:

Control a regionworth 2 points
Have 3+ Dukes (not Demon Princes/Consuls/King/Queen/Regent)worth 1 point

We are pursuing a MINOR ESO!

On turns 10 through 15, if our kingdom has achieved the above requirements to total 3 achievement points, we may claim awards worth 3 points!

Victory Conditions:

This campaign has NORMAL victory conditions.

Therefore a kingdom may win via Rex (control 5+ regions) or by Lion’s Share (most status points at end of the game).

Skeletons In The Closet:

The following skeletons, if revealed, will have detrimental impact on your influence and on regional reaction in some regions.

MAJOR2661The King Is Psychitsophrenic.
MINOR1713The King Secretly Aided A Declared Enemy Twenty Years Ago.

Magical Prowess:

Proficiency: Advantage (Tier 3 of 7)

Maximum assured Power level attainable: 7

(Spellcasters may attempt to research beyond the assured level, but may fail about 50% of the time, and the gold cost is still consumed)

Gold cost per research level: 10,000

(Plateau levels have additional cost. At 3rd level, +10,000 gold. At 5th level, +30,000 gold. At 7th level, +60,000 gold. For example, to increase a pwr-2 wizard to pwr-3, the cost is the gold-cost-per-research-level x level + plateau cost, or 40,000 gold. To reach 5th level, the cost is 80,000 gold. To reach 7th level, the cost is 130,000 gold.)

Spell List

Level 0: Rite Of The Magi, Self Invisible, Wizard Assist Encounter

Level 1: Create Food, Light Of The Evening Star, Lightning Attack, Magic Research, Protect Heroes and Wizards, Raven Familiar, Shield, Stun Leader, Valor

Level 2: Bridge Of Mist, Create Gold, Diplomacy, Fear, Firestrike, Heal, Kill Leader/Wizard, Lesser Masking, Light Of The Evening Star (Intrinsic), Reveal King’s Influence, Sleep, Speed, Ward, Wind Storm

Level 3: Bridge Of Mist (Intrinsic), Conceal Emissary, Dire Wolf Familiar, Dispel Dome of Invulnerability, Dispel Magic, Dispel Storm at Sea, Eagle Familiar, Fertile Fields, Flash Flood, Greater Masking, Guarded Attack, Hidden Ore, Invisible Patrol, Mirror Image, Presence (Intrinsic), Ship of Mist, Strengthen Walls, Teleport Self

Level 4: Chaos, Command Tornado, Dispel Regional Effect, Instant Self Teleport, Instant Summon Phantasmal Forces, Invisible Brigade, Protection from Regional Effect, Raise Population Center Census, Storm at Sea, Teleport Patrol, True Seeing, Wall of Flame, Ward Population Center

Level 5: Blinding Light (Regional Effect), Create Magical Item, Destroy Undead, Dire Wolf Familiar (Intrinsic), Earthquake, Invisible Division, Summon Minotaurs, Teleport Brigade

Level 6: Bounty (Regional Effect), Conjure Prestige, Ice Torrent, Invisible Army, Project Image Of Group, Raise Regional Census (Regional Effect), Revelation, Summon Rock Golems, Teleport Division, True Seeing (Intrinsic), Unveil Group Locations, Unveil Population Centers

Level 7: Augment Title, Chain Lightning, Charm Region, Conjure Scandal, Dome of Invulnerability, Enhance King’s Aura, Infuriate Populace, Meteor Strike, Teleport Army

Level 8: Prismatic Rays, Simulacrum, Summon Death, Teleport Army Group

Level 9: Crack The Sky, Incendiary Cloud

The Great Nomadic Hegemony Military Dossier

Kingdom Brigade Description:

Fast moving light cavalry with light infantry and expert missile troops with the Archery trait. Relatively cheap to maintain, they roam and live off the land. With Supremacy in the desert and potentially brigades of Giant Scorpions in their group, it may be best to avoid them in the sand. They also have the Summer Attack ability: while enemies are wilting, the Nomads are in their element.

Kingdom Brigade Ratings:

LR MissileSR MissileCharge1st Melee2nd MeleeCombinedStorm (PC)Defense
GoodGoodGoodAverageAverageAbove AverageAverageAverage

Recruit Troops (Order #560), Recruit Companions (Order #565), or magically summoned brigades fight at their respective values for all kingdoms. They move according to the kingdom’s movement table. They consume food and gold at their respective rates. Groups at sea fight according to the fleet quantity and quality in the given sea.

Special Note: Flyers may be available for your kingdom through the Recruit Companions (Order #565) or as a Wizard Summoning Spell. All flying groups, either as natural flyers like Dragons or groups enhanced with special brigades/artifacts that bestow flying capabilities, are considered flying at all times. When specifying the group’s movement, all terrain costs are calculated as normally in your movement order (including when flying over water areas). However, flying groups whether they are all-natural flyers (e.g., all brigades of Griffons) or non-natural flyers (ground-based troops that gain flying by acquiring an artifact or by recruiting Giant Eagles) are checked throughout the turn if their situation changes. Flying status may be lost if the group no longer meets certain criteria such as losing division-sized status required by certain artifacts due to transferring troops between groups, combining groups together, or gaining additional troops through battle as what may occur with special troops like Zombies that eat the dead and grow in number. Or Lycanthrope that spreads among the injured on the battlefield and the group acquires new Lycan brigades. Another possibility to consider is if the group will receive any troop reinforcements, which occurs at certain intervals throughout the game. So, even though a ground-based, non-natural flying group may start the turn as a flyer, its status may change throughout the course of the game. A flying group that flys over or lands upon a water area may be issued any movement order (e.g., 720 and not required a sea movement order like 710).

Natural flyers are: Black/Red Dragons, Great Bats, Phoenixes, Specters, and Wyverns, as well as the new troop types of Air Elementals, Beholders, Chimeras, Cockatrices, Fairy Folk, Gargoyles, Giant Eagles, Griffons, Manticores, Mephits, Pixies, Rocs, and Sprites. Giant Eagles and Rocs are the only natural flyers capable of bestowing flight to ground-based troops. Artifacts that are capable of bestowing flight to others are: Great Red Bats of the Lost Caves, Green Dragon Mates, and the Last Herd of Winged Stallions. If a group consists of only natural-flyers or ground-based troops that become capable of flying, the following flight bonuses apply: +20% attack bonus vs pop centers, immune to Earthquake, Flash Flood, and Wall of Flame spells, patrol-sized groups have 32 (rather than 20) movement points (only for patrols of the Black Dragon, Red Dragon, and Fairy Folk kingdoms), may fly over water without a naval fleet being involved (may finish movement upon a water area), automatically performs a reconnaissance of the group’s location as a level 1 agent, and the flying group may not be flanked in battle (a special attack maneuver that certain kingdoms may perform).

Kingdom and Recruitable Troop Types (Food/Gold Amount Is Cost To Recruit):

TypeIDFoodGoldMax Per GroupNotes
NomadsNON/AN/AUnlimitedKingdom brigade, not recruitable but receive as reinforcements
MythiansMY6,0008,000UnlimitedRecruit at pop center within Zanthia (6), The Sword Coast (8), Zamora (10), Mythgar (11), or The Untamed Lands (12) and requires General and 1 Veteran brigade
NorthmenNM4,0006,000UnlimitedRecruit at pop center within The Crown Islands (1), Darkover (2), The Diamond Coast (3), Triumvia (5), or Stormgate (13) and requires Captain
NyvariansNY4,0006,000UnlimitedRecruit at pop center within The Diamond Coast (3), Nyvaria (7), Pellinor (9), The Untamed Lands (12), or Stormgate (13)
PaladinsPA8,00010,000UnlimitedRecruit at pop center within Darkover (2), Krynn (4), Triumvia (5), Nyvaria (7), or Pellinor (9) and requires General and 1 Veteran brigade [Only permitted for non-evil kingdoms]
Stormgate GuardST10,00010,000UnlimitedRecruit at pop center within Stormgate (13) and requires General
VikingsVI6,0009,000UnlimitedRecruit at pop center within The Crown Islands (1), Darkover (2), or The Diamond Coast (3) and requires General and 1 Veteran brigade
WestmenWE4,0006,000UnlimitedRecruit at pop center within Krynn (4), Triumvia (5), Zanthia (6), The Sword Coast (8), or Stormgate (13) and requires Captain
ZamoransZA4,0006,000UnlimitedRecruit at pop center within The Sword Coast (8), Pellinor (9), Zamora (10), Mythgar (11), The Untamed Lands (12), or Stormgate (13) and requires Captain
Companions (Order #565):
Great Bats (Flyer)GR4,0004,00010Recruit in wild (no pop center) in Plains, Forest, Mountains terrain and requires Captain and 1 Veteran brigade
ScorpionsSC4,0008,0003Recruit in wild (no pop center) in Desert terrain and requires General and 1 Elite brigade
ZealotsZE3,0003,00010Recruit in wild (no pop center) in Plains, Forest, Mountains, Desert terrain and requires Captain and 1 Veteran brigade
Summoned (By Spell):
MinotaursMIN/AN/A5Summon in wild (no pop center) in Forest, Mountains terrain
Phantasmal ForcePMN/AN/A5Summon in wild (no pop center) in any terrain
Rock GolemsRGN/AN/A5Summon in wild (no pop center) in Mountains terrain

Resource Consumption per Brigade (Each Turn):

Stormgate Guard3,0003,000
Companions (Order #565):
Great Bats800600
Summoned (By Spell):
Phantasmal Force00
Rock Golems5001,500

Reinforcement Schedule (Receive As Kingdom Brigades):

Turn 5:2
Turn 10:3
Turn 15:2
Turn 20:2
Turn 25:2
Turn 30:2
Turn 35:2
Turn 40:2

Terrain Combat Adjustment:

Terrain TypeMovement Point CostMovement (Ice Age)NomadTrait
Plains4.05.00+10%Advantage plus Lesser Masking
Desert4.05.00+30%Supremacy plus Greater Masking and Evasion
vs PC’s**0%

Intercept Radius:

Your intercept radius is 4 areas (for Order #732).

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