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Full Version: New Classic Game with big changes
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May I have the red please.
(08-12-2014, 04:33 PM)Acererak Wrote: [ -> ]Hmmm.....maybe it's time to hop back in.

Yes, yes it is a good time to hop back in.


Ok, I'm back in with web order entry and new rules. Looks like a good time. I'll take the TR please.

Rick - Can you sign me back up for just scout service for now?

Looking forward to playing with everyone again!

Been gone a little bit, but Brian told me about the cool new changes and I can't resist. I would like to play the GN.

Yes, the brothers are back. Look out.

Rick - I'll do the scout service for now as well. Thanks!
Nice to have the Bro's back, and thanks for being upfront on that to The Community.

Somewhat bad news is that I haven't gotten all the stuff to Cipher to do the changes to setups, 565's, and 170, 171. Seems like everyday I get demands for other things. I think I'd like to hold off on creating this game until those things are in place, but if players feel otherwise, just post here.

Also, Uncle Mike and Cipher are pretty close on the web order checker and order entry, but right now it is just into testing.


No worries Rick. Get it done when you can and then let's get the game going. We need a couple more anyway. Seems like it might be a good game for the The Grey Mouser to join?


I would rather have all of the changes AND web order entry and checker. That's my .02 .
I do not want to play a wimpy elf for another game. I want changes done prior to start
Let's start the game, if people want to back out let them, but it's time for a new game to start.
I was hoping for the changes, but it's a moot point until we get the last two signups, anyway.
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