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301 - Forum Diplomacy Only Steel SVC
And away we go!  First turn is due Wednesday, so we have lots of time to jawbone. Smile

AN    The Secret Servants of the Ancient Ones          Telrandir
BL    The Dark Skies of the Black Dragons          Lord Thanatos
DE    The Seven Hells of the Demon Princes         Acererak
DW    The Dwarven Lords of the Talking Mountains   HeadHoncho
EL    The High Elves of the Golden Woods           Vball Michael
GI    The Stone Giants above the Trembling Ground  Archangel
GN    The Great Gnomish Bastions of Alchemy        Runigruth
RA    The Rangers of the Frontier Marches          Imperial Tark
RD    The Reign of Terror of the Red Dragons       DuPont
UN    The Shadow Brotherhood of the Underworld     SylvieRafa
WA    The Fiery Reach of the Red Warlock           Mad Hatter
WI    The Eternal Eye of the Empire of Doom        Jumpingfist


Great King, Master of the Skies, Mightiest of the Titans of War,

I bring you respect and greetings from Darin III, the King Under the Mountain! His majesty would like to offer his hand in friendship and alliance.

Rather than engage in a territorial dispute, my liege would like to note the open lands to the south, in the Eastern Steppes. Should you choose to conquer that land, I trust none would ever dare to oppose you! You would also certainly have our assistance should you find it useful, but given your prowess and might, by no means would we ever presume that you require or even desire it.

It is just a thought, offered in goodwill and hopefully productive dialogue. All our best!

Grundun, Chief Diplomat for the Dwarves



Don't listen to those lying Dwarves. The Talking Mountains should be yours. Have the Dwarf move his tall behind to the Easters Steppes. How are you suppose to defend all those water pop centers from attack, and don't you need Mountains to recruit your Wyvern pets from. Also look at all those forest hexes on both sides of the sea, I thought you hated the forest. I vow I will not take your population center in Runnimede if I should stumble on it.

Your Friend
Frodrich the Dwarf slayer Herald of the little people


Hail lord of spies.

I am so glad (cough) to see that we will be sharing Runnimede. I was sooo worried (cough cough) I would be all alone in our region. Unlike other kingdoms that shall remain nameless (DW) I propose that we share our region. I plan to start searching our region in the east and along the Z line while you start in the west.

Would you agree?

Your Friend
Frodrich the Dwarf slayer Herald of the little people

I think even as non-participants, there is a certain voyeurism to this style of diplomacy.  Head Honcho has gotten the dialogue off to a good start.  We appreciate the artistry in the delivery here and in the previous game and the boldness of declarations many made in that earlier game, but we also have a wry smile at the opportunity for misinformation. 



Great King,

Let the record reflect that the first verbal hostilities in my people's ancient war with the Gnomes were initiated by the sniveling snotty stubnose snobs.

Might I add that if you were, alternatively, interested in pursuing control of Runnimede -- which has some historical precedent based on our archives -- we Dwarves would be willing to subsidize that quite generously...



Dread Lord,

We would be very interested in a peace treaty with your arcane majesty. Depending on what the Red Dragons decide to do, we may also be interested in offering a swap of our village in the Northern Mists for your village in the Talking Mountains.

Would you be willing to enter into a non-aggression pact with us, until the end of spring [T10], summer [T13], or next fall [T16]?

Grundun, Chief Diplomat for the Dwarves



Just because the Dwarf is tall don't let him push you around, So far he has suggested you to go the the Eastern Steppes and now to Runnimede. Beware that greedy miser he wants the richest province in the lands all to himself!

Your Friend
Frodrich the Dwarf slayer Herald of the little people



Given your uniquely Gnomish interpretation of "It is just a thought, offered in goodwill and hopefully productive dialogue. All our best!" as pushy or hostile, I trust you will have a similarly unique level of success in the diplomatic realm.

Very sorry to see that you received an amount of brain power that is proportional to your sadly deficient nose size. It would be like an unshaven Dwarf, and I'm actually quite surprised your parents let you go around in public like that.

Hugs and Kisses,

OOC: As an aside, I'm not sure why people seem to think Talking Mountains and Runnimede are especially flush with cash. My own analysis shows the differences between the various regions are quite low, and usually within a small margin of error based on the number of pop centers. Is this a holdover assumption from First Cycle or earlier iterations of Second Cycle? Genuinely curious.

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