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Forum communication Game 5280
lets use this thread for the new communication game.

Rules last posted were:

Standard Rex victory-4 regions
Comm by forum only, every 3 turns: 0,3,6,9 etc.
Only 1 ally declared at a time.
NAPs May last only 3 turns, do they get renewed?

Anything else?

Greetings all fellow allies and adversaries. The Blue Wizard wishes all the very best. As the game progresses we are open to communication from all who wish it. We have brought a few dragons with us from the east to bring order to this new land. May all live peacefully, under our fair guidance of course.

(05-05-2019, 01:35 PM)PTRILEY Wrote: lets use this thread for the new communication game.

Rules last posted were:

Standard Rex victory-4 regions
Comm by forum only, every 3 turns: 0,3,6,9 etc.
Only 1 ally declared at a time.
NAPs May last only 3 turns, do they get renewed?

Anything else? Yes the kingdoms and players.

1 - DuPont = Pellinor, PI
2 - Alatar = The Untamed Lands, BL
3 - Valuthor = The Diamond Coast =UN
4 - Rellgar = Nyvaria, IL
5 - Calidor = Krynn, DE
6 -Acererak= Darkover, AM
7 - Wookie Panz = Triumvia, AN
8 - Morgan Kane = Mythgar, RA
9 - Draugur = The Crown Islands, DU
10 - Ptriley = Zamora, CI
11 - Strylian = Zanthia, DW
12 -Eregon = Sword Coast, AT

Greetings, from The Grand Illusionists King (who shall remain unarmed for security purposes). His Majesty has trusted his humble steward Rellgar to communicate and negotiate all trades, alliance's and declarations of war.
We offer a lucrative trade and alliance with a like minded kingdom. We can also be hired for our services, simple trade exchanges, regional spells cast, festivals or parties and celebrations.

To our neighbors the Pirate Kingdoms, we wish to sail our trading vessels in harmony.
To our 2 neighbors to the north, the Amazons and Underworld, we wish peaceful relations and cooperation in trade.

To our southern neighbor the Majestic Dragons of the Blue Wizard, we offer a peaceful border and beneficial trade, as well as sharing knowledge of the Arcane Arts.

We hope that all may contribute to peace and prosperity and not violence and destruction, so we all may learn enough knowledge to ascend to a higher state of existence.

Peace to all,

Greetings to all from the Senior Resident of the Ancient Ones.  We offer peace to all of our neighbors for at least the first three turns.  Should you happen to see one of our small patrols of old folks they mean no harm.  They are just trying to remember where they left their keys. 
We are open to all diplomatic discourse and bribes and gifts of land will, of course, warrant special consideration.

Wookie, decrepit scribe of the most Ancient Ones

Greetings All,
Tidings from the Underworld, we have no hostile intentions towards any of our neighbors.  We encourage each of you to train your agents early and often.  

We are everywhere
The Underworld

(AM) The Amazon Matriarchy wishes simply to consolidate power in Darkover, free plains to run and ride and practice our archery in peace.

Druid- I have a village in Crown Islands. I’ve also learned the Bow of Heracles is in the sea there. I’d be willing to give you the artifact location if you’d leave my village alone.

UN- Greetings Master of Assasins. The Amazon has a town in your area, and it is coastal. We’d very much like to keep that for merchant purposes and would be happy to deliver compensation in the form if a town in Darkover once I seize control.

AN- Wise neighbor to the west. We look forward to honorably respecting our mutual interests and borders.

PI of Pellinor, we have established a prosperous town in Pellinor and would like to negotiate its future. It's not coastal and not as desirable as one on the coast. If you would wish to negotiate a peaceful ownership of it, we await your proposal.


Greetings to all:

The king of the Cimmerian people wish for peace with our Neighbors.

PI- I have a location of an item of interest to you. I have no fleets in your regional seas and have no interest in making any. I would ask that the waterways in The Sorrows be left alone from your fleets. Also maybe a mutual trade agreement or alliance could be shared in a few turns. If interested in the item, please have your envoy let me know.

DE- Great prince of evil, I have a town in the lands of Krynn, I would like to keep it if at all possible. I can locate a similar population in the Zamoran lands if acceptable to u.

RA/AT- we share a border with both great nations. We have no hostilities toward either region. We would like peace between our borders.


We have nothing but the most magnanimous intentions. Rumors about the nature of our Kingdom have been spread by those jealous of our success. Should any wish to swear fealty to our King this turn we will be most generous in return. We guard our holdings jealously and will look unkindly at those who would attempt to wrest those locations from our grasp.

As for NAPs-- We strongly suggest that they not be renewable. Those who need the protection of others are unworthy to contest for the Crown.

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