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Post your advice for playing this kingdom in this thread.

Thank you for contributing to the collective wisdom on how to best play this kingdom in Alamaze!

Is it "normal"/as designed that a beholder can kill a wizard who casted "stay invisible"?

I believe invisible protects from combat death while a protect spell is needed versus a kill spell or effect such as the Beholder.

I can see the confusion however. If the guy is invisible how is the beholder hitting him?

Spell # 73 – Self Invisible
This spell allows the spellcaster to become invisible, thereby protecting himself from the
hazards of battle. The protection lasts throughout the turn for all battles against multiple
groups and/or popcenters. This spell will prevent the wizard from dying during combat.
The wizard is still vulnerable however, to other lethal factors such as the Kill Leader/Wizard
spell. This Self Invisible spell is the only one capable of providing lasting protection for the
wizard from multiple group and popcenter battles that may occur on the same turn.

The Forgotten should have some terrain advantage in the marsh. Other than that, the beefed up Beholder has really improved the kingdom's chances, though I still got stomped in the championship.

The FO with higher lvl beholder against non acuity trait kingdoms (surprised) and without higher lvl wizards to identify invisible groups (true seeing) is devastating. Just obliterated my LI kingdom in a game. Killed leaders and wizards before I knew he was there. Smh well played.

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