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Poll: What should be the standard turn cycle?
You do not have permission to vote in this poll.
Retain current 3.5 days all games due simultaneously
5 25.00%
4 days, games due on different days
5 25.00%
5 day turn cycle, games due different days
2 10.00%
7 day turn cycle, all games due same day
3 15.00%
7 days and games due different days
1 5.00%
I would play in 7 day "slow" games offered - but most would have 4 or 5 day cycles
4 20.00%
Total 20 vote(s) 100%
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Turn Cycle Opinions
If the one turn a week option wins out (i.e. half the number of turns per month than now for the same price), could you please consider dropping the $8 fee for starting a new game? Besides, it's kinda weird having players pay a monthly subscription then an additional fee when starting a new game.

I voted for keeping it the same, but would also be happy with once/week on the same day. Gives more time for communication and breathing room if there are issues in the real world.

I voted for four days different days. What I wouldn't mind would be to have one game at that pace and a second on a one week or greater turnaround. Would anyone else like to play in both slow and fast games at the same time?

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