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301 - Forum Diplomacy Only Steel SVC
(12-04-2015, 02:59 AM)HeadHoncho Wrote: OOC: As an aside, I'm not sure why people seem to think Talking Mountains and Runnimede are especially flush with cash. My own analysis shows the differences between the various regions are quite low, and usually within a small margin of error based on the number of pop centers. Is this a holdover assumption from First Cycle or earlier iterations of Second Cycle? Genuinely curious.

There is a small amount of truth.  PCs in the mountains make more gold than other PCs.   I think though having two cities in R5 and R8 likely trumps the gold bonus for those mountain PCs.   

OOC: Don't know if it is still true but I thought the money was in 1 3 and 7. and 2 and 6 were the poorest.

OOC: True on the mountains, but the disparity still just isn't that great overall, especially in light of the two city point that you make.


Lord of Spies.

Please note that the greedy Dwarven Lord suggested that if BIG RED (RD) were to pursue control of Runnimede he would "subsidize that quite generously..." I guess he wants to send Big Red into our home region. I'm sure the Bearded lady will shortly send you a missive explaining how much she respects your kingdom and did not mean to target you just me. She must not be able to read a map.

Your Friend
Frodrich the Dwarf slayer Herald of the little people

EL - RD:

Sad, sad, so sad. The tribulations of dealing with these younger races. They are not like our great races, Lord of the Skies. Listen to them squabble.

We yearn to remain in our ancestral trees, isolated, protected, studying the fall of a leaf or the movement of a streak of sunlight across the path. Likewise, I have no doubt you wished to remain in your monstrous caves surrounded by your clan and your treasures, breaking sleep to soar the world. But alas it is not to be.

Incursions have been made, rude races have awakened, humans rise up and have conquered all of the great cities, magic has been outlawed, tariffs are sought with vague threats behind them. Even in our sacred homeland, humans have come, have stolen our ancient artifacts and defecate in city streets. It is time that we awaken from our musings and our slumbers and seek once more to establish contact with the elder races to protect ourselves from these curs. Here are our thoughts in this vein:

We shall leave your peaceful village in our lands unharmed, as that is clearly where your clan comes during summer to feast on the wandering herds. We hope that this concession will allow you to focus on protecting your holdings elsewhere.

We are so pleased that the nasty Trolls have not resurfaced. Many of our kind have died at their hands in the distant past. This will allow us to work with the Ancient Ones to secure a peace.

It is amazing to us that our long-lost kin have not shown themselves. Seeking dark magics and darker forests, these Dark Elves left our lands long ago and have not been seen in decades. We understand they set up holdings in the far east, but with their absence, perhaps you can find shelter and gold and food in their former lands.

As for the dark and mysterious Witchlord, there are rumors that the forges are burning and strange lights are seen nightly in the sky of the Northern Mists. His intentions are yet unknown, but I will not lightly seek enmity with him. I will send emissaries to his dark holdings in the hopes of enlightening him on the true dangers that face this world such that he will turn his attentions to more worthy foes. If these emissaries should fail to return, or return with scars and horror stories, then we will prepare as we must to combat the evil.

Our old friends the Giants are again walking the lands and the rumbling can be heard even up in our quiet forests. We understand they have a young ruler, recently raised to lead them, who is both heroic and wise. We will seek to remind him of the value of friends and allies and peace.

As to the other kingdoms, Lord of the Skies, we know little. We will engage with each of them in dialogue and attempt to ascertain whether they wish to preserve the peace of the land, or rather to set themselves up as conquerors and raiders.

Sadly, we unbury our weapons, train our wizards once again in the terrible magics of war, recall our spies and soothsayers, and send our speakers out to the wider world to push back the Humans. We hope and pray that your clan will prosper and help remind the Humans that incursions are not welcomed.

We look forward to speaking with your heralds and the heralds of any other kingdoms who wish to parlay with us.

King Loriendalis of the High Elves of the Golden Woods

OOC -- there is no gold in region 1. No mountains, 1 city,  you should seek elsewhere.

OOC: Dude... respect! Nice post!

The King had shifted into his humanoid form and was sitting on this throne. "Then the rumors are true?" he asked.
"Yes, your majesty. It seems the plague has wiped out the entire population of Dark Elves."
"So...the lands to the south are open to us?"
"Yes, but others will covet the lands as well. The Giants tribes to the west. And the Red Warlock, who is stirring even now. We will not be able to just move in and claim it all uncontested."
"No, my learned adviser, you are right. Accommodation must be made. But we WILL demand that the region will fall under our sway. And we WILL demand that the city of Gundibar will swear allegiance to us.
"And here? In the Mountains? What of the Bearded Ones?"
"If the Bearded Ones think we will march out of our mountains and leave the whole region to them, they are sadly mistaken. Not only will we demand that our original holdings be left unmolested, but the price for peace will be Hammerhold. It's gold will enrich our kingdom and fund our growing forces."

The King sat as he dictated a letter to his adviser, who was writing with a flourished script.
"Your two kingdoms share a region," the letter began. "We have holdings there. While we trust that neither of you would dare to molest it (the King chuckled as he spoke this), perhaps it suits us to offer it up in trade. My dragons need FOOD. Lots and lots of FOOD. We throw this proposal out to whichever of you first cares to accept it. We will turn our town neutral on Turn 4. In return, during the first two winters, you will send us 10,000 gold (which is actually less than our holdings produce) and 40,000 food every month. Furthermore, you will declare us an ally so that the cost of this transaction will be yours alone. Take it or leave it. First to accept gets the prize."
The message complete, the King stepped off his throne to burn his seal into the wax.
"Give this to the spy in our kitchens. Let him scurry and take it to his master. And tell him that if he ever returns to our halls, I, personally, will cook him with my breath and eat him. And sent out one of our fastest to carry it south to the Gnome king."
The king sat back to wait. Who would reply?

To King Loriendalis of the High Elves of the Golden Woods, We send greetings. We appreciate the respect shown for us. Our holdings are on the eastern fringes of your region in the plains. Do not waste your time looking there. As we explore the holdings of your dead cousins, if we find any relics that belonged to the Elves, we shall consider returning them for an appropriate fee.

His Tremendous Majesty, King Loman Firebreath

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