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GAME 541 - 5 Player Cut Throat 2
If anyone can tell me who has control of Cradia? Is someone going for Runnimede? I would like to know how far RD has progressed in its territories.

Also UN King, if those PC's i showed you are not enough to gain control and i inadvertantly gain control of S Sands, you can take my town at ZO--that oughta do it.

Rd had 3 of 5 towns in the mede. I rebeled them all last turn. He is at Meridon VS 2 SO groups. Not sore about Cradia.

One thing i forgot to mention RD, im still short 2 towns and a village for equal measure in Arcania as you have in E Steppe.


As I have granted one city to our UN friend in Arcania and also do not control all of the other PCs I cannot give up more there. I would prefer we discuss returning some of the Steppes. We can do this when we can next communicate in 3 seasons.


You give faulty info. You rebelled my two PCs (not 3) in Runnimede which is fine as my Liege is focused on fleshing out Arcania and Talking Mountains. We have many new hatchlings to train in those regions thanks to the achievement of our early objectives and our reinforcements. Our Marshalls were searching for your power 5 wizards at the Fires of the Void but you never followed through on your threats. Our Phoenix brigades now proudly protect our homelands.


As promised my envoys passed to and from TM and Arcania with no interaction with your population. We appreciate your facilitation of such transfers. Our groups have also left the Fires of the Void. We may have need to send our last group there in future seasons but we will ask for a similar accommodation at that time.

Elven King,

We wish to assure you that the envoys and troops we martial in TM are purely for defensive purposes. We give our word that we shall not encroach into your claimed lands of The Northern Mists without prior discussion or unless you demonstrate hostile intent towards us. As we are both ancient races I am confident that we shall continue to live in peace.

Imperial Tark,

We have passed into a more civilized time than when you reigned in the last Primeval. Thus far all have kept their word. Well, except for the threats and bluster from our Sorcerous friend to the west. As stated before, We shall never be the one to break trust, even should we see benefit to doing so. The Cycles of Alamaze turn like a wheel, and while such civilized interactions might hinder us today, We hope to build a reputation for Honor that spans through future turns of the Wheel.

Thank you all for a great game. I will start updating from my diary shortly.

Turn 12--Congrats Calidor. I was using this turn to check on your progress. What a disappointment for me. No bang for my buck. I needed to replace lost leaders, was now trying to add some northman finally to my forces and started raising my wizards. No time to test the meddle of my armies in this game.

Status Points

Current Update #12 Total
DA Subtotal: 7,300 7,975

1,000 Regional Control of a region: Eastern Steppes
1,000 Regional Control of a region: Synisvania
1,000 Regional Control of a region: Southern Sands
400 Military Have a warlord: (1DA) Warlord Xerxi Blacksoul
200 Military Have a marshal: (1DA) Grand Marshal Kilis Dreadwind
100 Artifact Based on Item: Key of the Maker
100 Artifact Based on Item: Horn of the Intrepid
200 Artifact Based on Item: Green Dragon Mates
100 Artifact Based on Item: Valyrian Steel
200 Artifact Based on Item: Guardian Talisman
400 Political Have an influence of 20+: 21.30
200 Political Member on the High Council
400 Covert Have an agent 11+: Agent 12 Quiknar
200 Covert Have an agent 8-10: Agent 10 Su Kabon
400 Economic Total gold production of 150k+: 224,372 gold per month
400 Economic Total food production of 100k+: 137,056 food per month
1,000 Citizenship Survive until end of game

Sorry. My window was going to close fast. I was absolutely shocked that when I moved into Torvale on turn 10 that it wasn't shouted out. I literally hit every PC in the region except for the hidden one, the sorcerer capital and the UN village. I thought for sure the alarm would have been rung as it was a communication turn.

I figured that if I hadn't gotten the 2 regions this turn I was sunk because it would have taken until at least turn 14 for my next try and by that time I am sure the rest of you would have had time to invade my other regions.

I really did learn a ton from you guys as this was my first non-duel game.

I really think the RD might need to be restricted from this format. The mobility of not just the units but the emissaries as well is just insane early.

I am surprised that the SO didnt mention any details about your activities. I was worrying about you getting 2 regions this turn and was also concerned that UN might get an attitude with me over S Sands and get frustrated and start a war. So i was trying to eyeball both of you this turn. But i did see your single brigade at city of Esteria Vale and nothing at Hammerhold so i figured the very least i could knock you out of one of those regions in 2 turns if i saw you gain one region this turn. If you had focused on one of us other players rather than the SO he would have been difficult to deal with in couple more turns.

Congratulations Calidor. This may sound crass, but everyone was buying into the niceness of the RD forum speeches, I decided that if you had ignored my early warnings, then anything I said would appear as sour grapes in the latter stage, around turn 8. I made 1 critical error and raised wizards in a non pc hex, which left me with tons of gold, but short killing wizards at a citical town later. I also failed to attempt to raise wizards at Meridon, where I had 2 groups that were never destroyed, just did no real damage to the RD group there.

Trust me, as the DA i wasnt buying into the RD niceness, i just wanted to avoid combat until i was ready. I asked about ownership of Cradia 2 turns ago so i could determine if the RD had substantial there already which i am sure now that he did. It was supposed to be SO, your, 2nd region and since you didnt have it i feared the worse. This limited diplomacy worked for him because othewise i was going to ask the UN to finish S sands and take Arcania while i went after Tlk Mtns. Also the elf was reconning Gundibar so i was wondering if he was planning something there lol so i was getting paranoid. But same time i was working on gathering artifacts and raising my leaders and wizards and fleshing out my armies with some much needed other troop types. But i did have powerful navy in Drowning and was finally working on one in Terror.

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