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#300 - Experimental
Post all observations and comments on game #300, Experimental, here.

The main point is to see about process and order resolution. All values can be adjusted.

(WE) My turn zero results came as a text file. Was that for everybody or was that a mistake? I'm finding it hard to read, actually.

I think it was posted that a pdf would be in a few turns, but for now its text.

Okay, I can deal. Just wanted to make sure that it wasn't a mistake with me only.
Question - are we supposed to try and win this game or are we just supposed to try every order we can think of to check for bugs?

(SW) I noticed my Swampmen started with Monsters but no way to recruit more? Guess maybe its with wizards only?

105 Dwarf King
116 Dark Elf Vampire
122 Mighty Troll Tyrant
134 Enlightened Sorcerer
139 Dwarf King

The order entry is not up yet correct?

Yes, it is exciting but treat this as an alpha test. Lots of stuff to sort out on all kinds of aspects.

No guarantee on turn around dates, when certain things are in place, etc. We still have Alamaze going, obvi.

I've updated the order checker software with the latest changes:

- 8 New Kingdoms: Barbarian, Druid, Halfling, Paladin, Nomad, Swampmen, Urik, and Westmen

- New Orders:
650 Druid's Grove (Druid only)
630 Seapower Special Ability (syntax:
993 Set SVC conditions (only on turn 1)
995 SVC victory check (not earlier than turn 16)

- New Spells:
112 Ice Torrent
113 Acid Rain
114 Prismatic Rays
115 Disintegrate
866 Summon Woodland Creatures (Druid only)
871 Lich form

Fixed Ancient Ones consul enamor ability (now order 465). Also, at the bottom of the web page, I've added the new kingdoms to send personal messages.

When we have the players registered to use the order checker then this game will show up under your account but we're still working on it. It's a bit tricky since Rick and Cipher have to register the players even though this is a "fake" game to the database.


I was not changing the king's name, should I just ignore this message?

Also of note, DW special order 599 does not seem to register on the order program. The influence is used but no resources or defenses seem to be registered under order conformation area. Special order 787 does seem to be working as intended though on the order entry form.

Set SVC conditions? Where, oh where, do we see how that order works?
-The Deliverer

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