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G108 - The Deeds that were Done
I was the GI kingdom this time around, and this was by far my worst game to date. My first major pooch screw/learning lesson was a reminder that income from selling fleets comes aaaaaaaaafter you buy HP's. That was a disappointing turn 1, thinking that a horde of my initial momentum was lost being set back an entire turn. As luck would have it, the AN said that he had divined towns in 5 and we worked out a deal where blah blah blah, i get five and help him to invade 8/DE once I had 5 on lockdown. I had agreed to share 5 with WA so it was peaceful. Dumb luck, I picked up 5 one turn before both WA and I thought it would happen and I ended up picking up both citys as WA had just 320'd HQ with his duke. Communication with both AN and WA bordered between terribad and non-existent. I did not know that WA had not enamored 5 to friendly so he had his duke incarcerated the following turn when he tried to 320 HQ again. Then there was a series of other unlucky WA moments that are not really worth mentioning, just overall not a good start for him. With 5 on lockdown, the ramp up to 8 invasion was initiated. I offered an out to DE to hand over 2 towns and we'd go somewhere else, and that didnt fly. The following turn, WA was supposed to divine towns in 8 and "accidentally" divined an artifact instead Smile Make your own conclusion on that. At this point, with my initial deal with AN and some minimal communication with WA, it was time to jump into 8. I moved in full force with Em's and military, and I had assumed both WA and AN went with me. All the sudden Alamaze communication hit a time flux and my emails to WA and AN went unanswered.... AN missed a few turns in a row. Thinking that he had dropped on invasion turn 1, I finally heard from him 3 turns later and it was a minimal email saying "how can I help"..... Super. Another factor that didnt work in my favor is that I think WA had just had a new child born so orders were getting processed solo about an hour or so before they were due. Teamwork wasnt our strong point, invasion failed. While I was bumblefu@@ing around 8, RA decided to show his true hand and invade 5, along with 3 other kingdoms. This was special as RA was posturing to be my ally early on and we had communicated a bit. As HH mentioned previously, forewarned is forearmed. Yep. With a strong alliance against me, and my alliance being a slow motion trainwreck, I decided I would simply Burn Pc's to the ground until I could drop with honor on turn 12.

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