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Bitch / Gripes / Improvement Ideas...Share
(06-06-2023, 07:53 PM)gkmetty Wrote: The rules document for Maelstrom seems to be missing from the forum. I am looking for the document titled 4th cycle: Maelstrom rules.

Hey buddy, you know you can access every document in the help guides on the online order page?

Could you add trading mithril at the market?

(06-06-2023, 07:53 PM)gkmetty Wrote: The rules document for Maelstrom seems to be missing from the forum. I am looking for the document titled 4th cycle: Maelstrom rules.

I have added links for the 4th Cycle: Maelstrom Rulebook to the header links for the Default and Duende v3 themes.

I tried adding a similar link to the RoundoDarko theme, but it didn't work. I'll try to track down how to add it to that theme choice, also, as time allows. In the meantime, you can check one or both of the other theme options available here, to see if that's what you're looking for.

(06-06-2023, 08:46 PM)PTRILEY Wrote: Hey buddy, you know you can access every document in the help guides on the online order page?

Newcomers would likely not see it, especially since they wouldn't see a link to it on the surface of the forum, itself.

Also, the Help Guides link takes one to a page with 30 different links on it. Many of those links could prove to be confusing to newcomers.

Question: Is there a better and bigger copy of the Maelstrom map than the PowerPoint version located on the Help Guides page?

(05-31-2023, 09:54 AM)admin Wrote:
(05-31-2023, 01:54 AM)Lord Garth Wrote: 9)  Evil Trait  - Way too powerful.  Plus Evil gets Trolls which are great.   Sure they don't usually get Bounty but Evil is still the most overpowered trait in the game now.  Suggest either trim it down, balance it with penalties like Devout, or do a Good trait or something.  -7

These days, I most just browse and read in silence. The comment above, however, nudges something within me to comment.

In real life, how powerful is evil? And how powerful is evil, relative to any or all other things?

I literally just woke up a few minutes ago, so my head is still a bit groggy, so please forgive my inability to articulate on the subject of evil while still in a state of being fairly tired. To me, evil is sui generis - it is something entirely in a glass in of its own. It is unique and peculiar, and thus far at least. Simultaneously, it seems to have no bounds, and tends to take infinite forms, for it is ever and always manifesting itself in ways that are exceptionally challenging to us. Evil has a repugnance all its own. It's powerful. It shakes us to our very core. From  my perspective, evil is not just a power all its own and in a class of its own. Quite literally, it is a super-power. True evil isn't just bad deed doers. There is a reason why we call evil, evil. Evil, in essence, is in a class all its own. For most, evil literally terrorizes us. Granted, many things terrorize our species, many things fill us with terror, which isn't exactly the same thing as evil. Terror is an elevated form of fear, a heightened and extreme form of fear. But evil is beyond even terror, beyond even horror. Indeed, both terror and horror are harbingers of something much, much worse. They are both harbingers of evil.

The great and eternal battle is what? Good versus evil, isn't it? Evil is even beyond catastrophe. Many natural disasters, for instance, can be life-threatening, or even extinction level events, but they aren't conscious evil.

My point for saying all of this is this - The lament is that the Evil trait is way too powerful. But that's just it, I think. Evil isn't some mere trinket. It's not just another mere trait. It's not just another run of the mill "ability," if you will. Evil is greater than the sum of its individual parts. Evil devours from both without and from within, simultaneously.

Evil is common, banal even, one might say, just watch the news.  Someone even wrote a book about it.  I agree it is a little overpowered, or a little too common.

appreciate the feedback, I am listening.

My thoughts after playing a few evil kingdoms:

The evil trait is a good offset to the lack of bounty spell. If a tweak is needed I suggest a more specific spell list for evil and good. And have you thought of making a neutral set of kingdoms too?

I will be looking at kingdoms troops/abilities/reinforcements/spells etc in the coming months. Right now I'm working behind the scenes with a focus on making it easier for new players. That said I am taking notes on what is left here.

Hey Brek,

1) As stated I believe new players should be given some data on brig types. While I'm sure they can figure out that Red Dragons are tougher than Pixies they may have trouble when determining if they should recruit, say, Zamorans, Centaurs or Rock Golems. They are just flying blind and should know more about what they are buying/recruiting. A list of all brig types and their corresponding data should be put in the rule book appendix.

2) A good way to offset the Evil Trait would be to buff Paladins which are unavailable to Evil characters. No Brigade Special Ability has yet been assigned to Paladins. You could give groups with Paladins a Valor bonus per brigade .. or you could give the group a passive healing percentage per Paladin brigade ... or both. Knights of Styx would not get these abilities or would be scrapped from the game altogether. This would at least offset the exclusive use of Trolls by Evil kingdoms which are on their own great troops but also have special abilities of healing and other bonuses.

3) While we are throwing stuff out there, I realize that the Reveal Influence spell is pretty useless. If you read the spell it says it provides the same information as Learn King's Influence (order # 365). But there is no Order # 365. It's been changed to Order number # 914 a while ago. Nobody noticed because nobody uses either order and that's because both the order and spell are dumb. I suggest either scrap the order/Spell or provide additional information to make the order/spell a bit more worthwhile. As it stands the order/spell simply provides the percentage of control of the named kingdom in the region you are in. Perhaps it may provide the numerical Political Influence number of that kingdom as well?

Lord Garth
Senior Minutia Inspector

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