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G108 - The Deeds that were Done
Order 600 does as well, but not by much - 500 people per food and gold increase. Increasing defense via 600 actually lowers census. 610 is the faster way to do it, but you lack the benefits of increased production after.
-The Deliverer

Is it worth it to spend the resources and orders on that??

I had a very limited window for a victory check as Harry O was about to kick me out of the Mists, so I did every little thing that I could. I'm not sure if the 600s tipped the scale, but it likely was a very thin margin to give me substantial in region 3, and I'm not certain I would have been there without the 600s and 610s.
-The Deliverer

Game Details

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 Lord Diamond

Please do not take any of my comments as a personal insult or as a criticism of the game 'Alamaze', which I very much enjoy. Rather, I hope that my personal insight and unique perspective may, in some way, help make 'Alamaze' more fun, a more successful financial venture, or simply more sustainable as a long-term project. Anyone who reads this post should feel completely free to ignore, disregard, scorn, implement, improve, dispute, or otherwise comment upon its content.


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